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123RF World Travel Guide: Afghanistan to Argentina

Our all-inclusive 123RF World Travel Guide aims to make use of our access to a ton of high quality content. From trademark landmarks, to the hidden alleyways, stock photography can breathe life to your wanderlust calling. The 123RF World Travel Guide aims to do just that. So join us as we embark on a spectacular journey and uncover each of the UN approved 178 countries (some countries were omitted due to safety concerns).

In this week’s series, wrap yourself in the finest Afghan fabric and pour yourself a glass of wine from picturesque vineyards of Argentina.

1. Afghanistan

123RF World Travel Guide: Afghanistan to Argentina 123RF Blog - Afghanistan mountains and Panj River

Mesmerizing views of the Panj River amid a stunning mountain range.

A battered but beautiful country, Afghanistan is embellished with some of the most remarkable sights in this part of the world. A trip to Herat enables visitors to experience the best of Persian and Afghan architecture. The former capital of the Timurid empire has been overlooked and its monuments ruined. However, the Friday Mosque still remains a sight to behold.

The 123RF World Travel Guide recommends a visit to the Kabul markets to get in touch with the heart of the nation. Take a moment to experience the markets amid all the chaos. If you somehow don’t manage to find something for yourself, all is not loss. You would walk away with a much improved bargaining skill. Additionally, when in Afghanistan, the buzkashi is a sport like no other. It involves plenty of men on horseback, a dead goat and balls of steel. It is safe to say, this is unlike anything you have ever seen. A fitting tagline for Afghanistan and its hidden charm.

2. Albania

World Travel Guide: Afghanistan to Argentina 123RF Blog - Albania beautiful beach

Albania’s stunning coast line and crystal clear waters.

This Balkan wallflower is home to some of Europe’s most stunning and secluded beaches. This late blooming tourist destination also accommodates ancient Roman ruins where you don’t have to beg people to get out of your lens. Likewise, be sure to treat your tools to the majestic landscapes and serene surroundings of the Accursed Mountains. A trip to Albania would be incomplete without a visit to the 13th century citadel of Berat. It’s collection of white houses which climbs all the way up the hills, earned it the title of “the town of a thousand windows”.

Along with Gjirokastra, both these cities offers visitors a glimpse into the life during Ottoman times. For first time travelers, a visit to the nation’s capital, Tirana, is worth considering. 123RF World Travel Guide believes the rainbow colored buildings, a growing coffee culture and a set of trendy bars have glamorized what used to be one of Europe’s least favorite cities into the upcoming star on the continent.

3. Algeria

123RF World Travel Guide: Afghanistan to Argentina 123RF Blog - Sahara Desert in Algeria

Algeria provides visitors with some of the best views of the Sahara Desert.

Africa’s largest country lies just a hop and skip away from Europe. The perfect blend of cultures, landscapes and traditions, this vast land homes everything from fishing ports to the majestic Sahara Desert. For a sneak into the nation’s past, a trip to Timgad is a must. The ruins here are one of the finest Roman sites in existence, spreading as far as the eye can see. Next, spend time in the markets and bath chambers in Djemila and witness one of the great archaeological cities coming to life.

However, there is no denying that the Sahara is the most striking feature in Algeria. To enter, cross the El Kautara Gorges to the south of Constantine. The glimpse of the desert at this point is simply breathtaking, as the gorges are said to separate the winter land from the everlasting summer. For the ultimate experience, camp out in the desert and make your way across this picturesque setting on the back of a camel.

4. Andorra

123RF World Travel Guide: Afghanistan to Argentina 123RF Blog - Snow mountains in Andorra

The gorgeous Pyrenees is ideal for an exciting ski vacation.

Tucked between France and Spain, this tiny land of narrow valleys, snow capped mountains and Romanesque churches is demanding to be noticed. The gorgeous Pyrenees remains a hot-spot among the rich and famous for skiing trips. And the pricing illustrates that. If you are looking to splurge, stay in the El Serat mountain village and feast your eyes to gorgeous views. As the days gets warmer, Andorra offers excellent hiking conditions, with sweeping valleys and beautiful vistas.

To get in touch with the nation, visit the UNESCO listed Madriu Valley. The upper part of the area is filled with spectacular steep cliffs and exposed glaciers. Meanwhile, lower down, the valley narrows and wood takes over the ice and rocky outputs. The region is also dotted with traditional shepherd cabins which illustrates the harmonious relationship between farmers and their land, nature and culture, along with Andorra and its visitors. 

5. Angola

123RF World Travel Guide: Afghanistan to Argentina 123RF Blog - Kalandula Falls in Angola

The mightly Kalandula Falls is a testament to nature’s raw power.

Unlike the colossal Kalandula Falls, the nation’s tourism sector remains rather underdeveloped and largely operates on a small scale. This comes as a surprise as one of the continent’s largest countries, Angola certainly has what it takes to become a dazzling global attraction. There remains plenty to be seen in this vast nation, with tropical rain forest in the north and desert dunes in the south.

The 123RF World Travel Guide recommends a visit to the edgy capital of Luanda to satisfy your cravings for fine colonial architecture and lavish Afro-Portuguese dining. However, come with a large wallet, as the city is one of the most expensive in the world. The coastal town of Namibe makes for a great retreat, so you would be better off staying a night or two here. Lay in hammocks during the day and spend your afternoons strolling down its many local markets. Finally, end your day on a high with some marvelous whale-watching experiences.

6. Antigua and Barbuda

123RF World Travel Guide: Afghanistan to Argentina 123RF Blog - St John's port in Antigua

Beautiful twilight scenery of St John’s port in colorful Antigua.

“We have 365 beaches here, one for each day”. If you had a dollar for every time this was said, you would truly be on your way to the Forbes list. Antigua is arguably the better known of the two gorgeous islands. It is where all the glamour and glitz takes place. Here, luxurious yachts and celebrities flock for a quick Caribbean getaway. Blessed with mesmerizing landscapes, Antigua is home to a host of national parks, the Devil’s Bridge blowhole and the imposing Mount Obama. However, the heart of the island lies in St John. So give yourself enough time to uncover its markets and intoxicating rum-inspired bars. 

Barbuda may be the lesser known of the two, however, its beauty is second to none. The island is everything Antigua is, minus the hustle and bustle. So if you are looking to indulge into the laid back Caribbean life, Barbuda is your perfect sanctuary.

7. Argentina

123RF World Travel Guide: Afghanistan to Argentina 123RF Blog - The majestic Iguazu Falls, Argentina

The majestic Iguazu Falls which lies on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

Arriving in Buenos Aires will leave you feeling overwhelmed. The city life simply whizzes by so make sure to make the most of your time here. The buzzing metropolis comes alive with busy sidewalk cafes during the day and tango infused bars when the sun sets. In addition, the 123RF World Travel Guide highly endorses a pit stop at The Grand Splendid bookstore. This opulent 1919 theater is widely regarded as the most beautiful bookstores in the world.  

If you are seeking peace and quiet, a visit to the little town of Salta fits the bill. Charming museums, plaza-side cafes and a live folk music tradition promises to keep you entertained all day long. Similarly, Mendoza offers the ideal rest and relaxation, albeit with gorgeous mountains and canyons. Just be sure to take in these views with a bottle of Argentina’s finest wine and a hearty serving of melt-in-your-mouth steak.  

So there you have it, the first list on the 123RF World Travel Guide. If you are looking for more travel inspiration, check out 10 lesser known Russian travel destinations. Alternatively, if you are a fan of Anthony Bourdain, read up on our 10 ‘Parts Unknown’ cities to visit. Finally, visit our pinterest page for creative inspiration and be sure to check out more amazing stock images to satisfy your wanderlust cravings  and breathe life to your travel stories for your blog, magazine or website! 

Next stop on the 123RF World Travel Guide, Armenia to Bangladesh!

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