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123RF Provides Royalty Free Music To Aurora

Aurora App And 123RF

You’re tired, it’s been a long day. You crawl into bed and lay there hoping to finally catch that 8 hours of winks as recommended by sleep experts.

30 mins passed…then one hour..and another…

By now, the only wink you’re getting is from that 10,500th sheep you’re counting. And drats, number what now? You need sleep, and it needs to happen pronto.

Sounds familiar?

Sleep deprivation and insomnia happens to 20-40% of adults in their lifetime, according to the National Sleep Foundation, and that is becoming worse as stress builds up. That’s why 123RF is thrilled to be providing exclusive royalty free music to Aurora, a “true audio relaxation” app.

The app – now available for FREE downloads on the Apple store – aims to curb this issue of sleepless nights by utilizing binaural tones to relax one’s mood and sleep cycle. Binaural sounds like some complex scientific term that only the white coats would know but it’s just a play on frequencies that will cause your brain to enter the state of relaxation, or Alpha as the experts term it. Think of the feeling you have sipping hot chocolate on a cold winter night, that’s how your brain feels with binaural tones.

In a nutshell…

“Aurora is an atmospheric audio app designed to make you feel relaxed and calm by mixing together ambient soundscape, tranquil music and audio frequencies.”

Through this integrated partnership, Aurora users will now enjoy the tranquilizing sounds and soft tones specially crafted by SoundBounce – an independent production house and 123RF exclusive audio contributor.

The unique twist in this sleep app is the freedom to mix your music, something that DJs do in clubs. You control the waves, ambience, tone and mood of your preferred track. If the mood track you have does not jive, you can always opt to purchase additional packs from 10 other choices for only $0.99 per pack for 10 music tracks, 3 binaural tones and 2 ambient sounds. Now, that’s called quality sleep companionship.

So now you close your eyes, and feel the music wash away the stress from not being able to fall asleep…”Zzzzz, Good night.”

Eager to serenade yourself to sleep tonight? Click to download Aurora for FREE!

*Tip To True Audio Relaxation: Headphones HIGHLY Recommended*


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