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123RF One-Click Editing Tools

Are you looking for easy photo editing tools that have cool filters to create captivating insta-worthy photos?

Or are you looking for a software to instantly enhance your product photos so that they are ready to be posted on your business website?

Whether you are an active Instagram user or an online business owner, editing photos before uploading them on social media is a crucial step.

If you think photo editing is too much hassle, worry no more because 123RF’s one-click editing tools have got your back! From interesting filters and effects, auto enhance options to background removal function, 123RF offers all the tools you will need to create stunning portraits, landscapes, product photos and other photography.

Filters and Effects

As a kick-starter for your photo-editing journey, you can experiment with a range of photo filters offered by 123RF. 

These one-tap preset filters can easily enhance your images and make them more visually appealing for your target audience. Some filters simply serve to alter the mood of your images while some are able to transform a lackluster image into a vibrant and striking one.

For instance, filters like Juno and Lark are able to enhance colors of the sky, whereas filters like Valencia and Brooklyn are designed to bring a touch of nostalgia or romanticism to any feed.

Auto Enhance Options

With 123RF’s quick-and-easy auto enhance options, you can fine-tune exposure, color and detail of your images. Effects including auto-color option, balancing tool, auto-level option, auto-tone option and enriching tool help to brighten up or cool down white balance and give accurate color temperature adjustments. These simple, beginner-friendly features improve your pictures with a little technical magic and voila! Your pictures are ready to attract eyeballs.

Background Removal

Last but not least, 123RF offers an AI cutout function to remove unwanted background and unnecessary objects from photos to make them more attractive and outstanding. If there is a significantly dominant background in an image, it may distract your audience and cause them to lose focus on what is important.

The background removal function is the perfect solution for you if you wish to create stand-out portraits or you simply want customers to focus on the main products. Besides that, you can also replace the unwanted background with desired backgrounds such as minimal settings or beautiful sceneries. With the background removal tool, the creative possibilities are endless!

As you can see, making visually pleasing images is not as time-consuming and complicated as it seems to be. If you have little-to-zero experience with graphic design, 123RF one-click editing tools with simple and beginner-friendly features are just specially designed for you.


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