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12 Easter Egg Ideas You Will Want To Steal!

You like it scrambled, fried, or baked with a sprinkle of herbs and Parmesan cheese, but there is a season that the humble egg is venerated in its hard-boiled form. Easter is a time of rich traditions and eggs are a symbol of fertility and rebirth. A common practice is to dye and paint chicken eggs for display or used in a fun Easter egg hunt for kids (and adults). But did you know?

  1. In North England, a traditional game – known as “egg tapping” – is played where pace eggs are distributed and players would hit each other’s eggs. The last intact egg is the winner while the losers get to eat their eggs. Not such a bad thing after all!=) There’s even an annual world championship for this game, believe it or not!

  2. German children can be seen rolling eggs down hillsides during Easter. There is also an egg dance in which eggs are laid on the floor and the goal is to dance around them without breaking any. Also called “hop-egg” in the UK.

  3. Ever heard of dyeing eggs with onion skins and vinegar? Grecian women do! These ceremonial eggs are called “kokkina avga”. How interesting!

Speaking of interesting, we’ve got something special for you! If you’re wondering what to do with that basket of boring brown (and white) ovals, then try some of these ideas to spruce up your Easter holiday!

  1. Paint with colors that POP! (sorry there is no hen in the world who lays colored eggs)

Stock Photo - Hand painting eggs on wooden table
  1. Or add some patterns

Stock Photo - Colorful Easter eggs
  1. Draw cheeky faces! (LOL..)

Stock Photo - Close and low level of several brown eggs with painted faces against green and yellow light effect background
  1. Glamorize with a golden shade (or steal them from the giant’s Golden Goose!)

Stock Photo - Golden nest eggs
  1. Tie a cute ribbon

Stock Photo - Place setting for Easter close up
  1. And hang a couple up!

Stock Photo - Easter composition on wooden background
  1. Use as wallpaper inspiration

Stock Photo - Background with Easter Eggs Computer generated image
  1. Adorn cupcakes with beautiful quail eggs!

Stock Photo - Easter cupcakes with quail egg
  1. Have a sweet tooth? Make cookies!

Stock Photo - Colorful easter cookies on white wooden background

10. And these cute cake pops

Stock Photo - Easter egg cake pops

11. Better yet, mould it with chocolate!

Stock Photo - chocolate easter egg

12. The best part? Eating it! (After hunting for it, of course!)

Stock Photo - Easter eggs

Do share these ideas with your friends and family this coming Easter! Don’t forget to comment below if you have any other egg-cellent tips! We would love to hear from you!

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