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World Travel Guide: Cheapest Places to Travel

From the allure of Laos’s tranquility to Georgia’s medieval charm and Bolivia’s majestic Andes to Namibia’s mesmerizing Sossusvlei, we bring you some of the cheapest places to travel. Therefore, you don’t have to keep checking your bank balance the next time you decide to hit the road.  


From the sky piercing heights of the Andes to the grounds of the Amazon basin, Bolivia is home to diverse landscapes and cultures. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this South American gem is one of the cheapest places to travel.  

We identify La Paz as the nation’s most vibrant setting. Head over to Calle Jean and for the city’s best preserved colonial street. The refurbished 18th century buildings are now home to colorful boutiques, galleries and museums.

Additionally, venture deep into the depths of the Witches Market in Mercado de la Brujas and find yourself in awe of mysterious powders and potions of Andean shamanic practices. After that, head out to Lake Titicaca for a breathtaking view of this high altitude lake. 

Bolivia’s vast landscape can also be explored with a trip up north to Cordillera Apolobamba. Situated in the Peruvian border, this destination offers fantastic trekking opportunities in a secluded setting. Finally, end your trip on a high note as you make your way on the world’s most dangerous route, deep amid the clouds and into the heart of the Yungas forests. 


From beautiful churches, to picturesque vineyards and stunning mountains, Georgia is one of the world’s cheapest travel destinations, waiting to be explored. Most travelers would be happy to know you can visit Georgia for an entire year, without a visa!

So kick start your journey at the beating heart of the country, Tbilisi. An evolving arts and culture scene has transformed this capital city into a thriving metropolis. However, Tbilisi does brilliantly well to retain its medieval charm. Its Narikala Fortress is a former Persian citadel that now offers breathtaking views from the top. Therefore, opt to ride the cable car for the best experience. 

Georgia’s beautiful landscapes is best explored in Svaneti. Wild and mysterious, this region is home to tiny villages, snow-capped mountain peaks, deep gorgeous and pristine rivers. Sitting in the southern Caucasus mountain range, this stunning landscape offers the best views in the country. 

Alternatively, for those looking to step into the country’s past, head over to Vardzia. This cave monastery looks fresh from a set of Lord of The Rings. This underground sanctuary was constructed as Georgians sought refuge from the Mongol forces.


Kyrgyzstan is a true wonder of natural beauty. Travelers from far and wide are bookmarking this Central Asian beauty for its stunning mountainscapes, rivers and acres of greenery. The affordable food and transportation, especially with the minibuses, also helps make this one of the cheapest places to travel. 

There’s no better place to begin your journey than the magnificent Alay Valley. For nature lovers, this region offers some of the best mountain views with every step. The Alay is a popular home for herders who often bring along their cows, sheep and horses. However, what sets this region apart is the series of accommodation options. A network of yurts make it easy for travelers to explore every corner of the vast land.

Meanwhile, the Song Kol lake is another stunning addition to Kyrgyzstan’s highlights. This alpine lake sits at an altitude of over 3000 meters. For the best experience, arrive in time for sunrise or come at night and watch the starry sky reflect on this massive lake. 

Additionally, consider making a pit stop at Bishek. The country’s capital has quietly evolved into an arts and culture hub. And the State Museum of Fine Arts perfectly embodies this. Finally, end your trip at any one of the city’s popular watering holes.


Most Southeast Asian destinations are constantly one of the cheapest places to travel. Affordable motorbike rentals, hostels and a plethora of cheap eats easily allow backpackers to spend endless days exploring the best sights of the country. 

And Laos is no different. The country seamlessly combines history and comfort to become one of Southeast Asia’s most underrated travel destinations. From vast tea plantations to lush jungles and rice fields to ancient temples, – travelers are also always spoilt for choice.  

No trip here is complete without a visit to Luang Prabang. The city feeds both, your spiritual beliefs and tummy. The ancient Wat Xieng Thong is the country’s most popular monastery. The beautiful ‘tree of life’ mosaic is one of many features that embellishes this royal architectural feat.

Next, make the most of your travels by heading out to Si Phan Don. Dubbed ‘4000 Islands’, life here is extremely laid back. So hop on a bicycle or rent a motorbike and make your way across tranquil villages. Finally, don’t leave without checking out the breathtaking Kuang Si Waterfalls. Your Instagram profile would thank us later.  


Namibia is ‘Africa 101’. While it isn’t exactly the cheapest place to travel, the country offers a great alternative to experiencing the adventures of Africa, without the hefty price tags of South Africa or Kenya. 

The  Sossusvlei is arguably the most popular attraction of this power-packed country. This massive desert homes endless waves of red sand dunes, thanks to the ever constant wind that continues to work like an artist to shape and mold the landscape. 

Next, head to Deadvlei. Also part of Sossusvlei, the salt pan homes the iconic dried trees in an otherworldly landscape. Before you leave, do make sure to look up. Namibia’s desert is one of the best spots to see the stars glittering in the night sky. 

For the best of Namibia’s wildlife, head straight to the Etosha National Park. Simply stop by any watering hole and watch lions, elephants and springboks gather, thanks to the scarcity of water in the park, especially during the dry season. The prospect of having the animals come to you and maximum visibility, is what sets this apart for us, when compared to the likes of Kruger and Serengeti. 


Dubbed the next Costa Rica, Nicaragua offers travelers the opportunity to combine diving, surfing and hiking with endless strolls in colorful colonial-era streets. Hence, before prices start to skyrocket, the time is now to experience the best of Central America’s cheapest place to travel.   

Granada is the ultimate destination to kick start your journey. The country’s oldest town is extremely photogenic. The cobbled streets and the rich yellow cathedral are the most prominent sights here. Meanwhile, Leon homes fascinating churches, buzzing street art and an evolving culinary scene. 

Additionally, if you’re seeking out a tranquil Caribbean getaway, then make a pit stop at Little Corn. This island accommodates untouched, powder white beaches that are best enjoyed with sips of fresh coconuts, while laying in relaxing hammocks.


Romania is a mix of the old and the new. So if anyone’s looking for an affordable European getaway, this is it! Ancient stone churches and Transylvanian towns are a testament to the country’s timeless charm, while buzzing Bucharest paves the way for what’s next to come.

Set in southern Romania, this capital city may not be the prettiest, but it wins you over with its cosmopolitan vibe. The colossal Palace of Parliament is the most prominent site of the city, and the world’s second largest administrative building. Bucharest also quietly surprises with its up and coming dining scene, thanks to a series of swanky cafes and bars.

However, no trip to Romania is complete without a pit stop at Bran Castle. Better known as Dracula’s home, this iconic spot is massively popular among tourists. For more of the country’s great outdoors and majestic monasteries, head to the tiny town of Sinaia. It’s crayon colored wooden houses, hidden castle passageways and hiking trails are some of the best ways to spend your summer vacation.  

Looking for more travel inspiration for your next couple’s retreat? Stay tuned for our next globetrotting tales. In the meantime, get your hands on our stock photos to help start your travel diary!

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