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World Travel Guide: Best of Solo Travel

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in some me time. And solo travel is the best way to treat yourself to some much needed TLC. From the culture-soaked streets in Cambodia to the uber-cool affair of Denmark, check out the best places to backpack with me, myself and I. 


Our world travel guide ranks the land down under as one of the friendliest places to live and indulge in some solo travel. And why not? Sundays rarely get any better than a couple of beers and a barbie on your mate’s backyard. 

Australia’s diverse landscape also offers a treat for every traveler. The charming Bondi beach and the vivid colors of the Great Barrier Reef are commonly found on every travel list. Additionally, the remote, rocky outcrops of Uluru and Kakadu are home to Australia’s diverse wildlife and sacred Aboriginal culture. 

On the contrary, Australia’s buzzing cities offer an experience like no other. Sydney is the nation’s poster child, with the majestic Opera House at the forefront of every Australian postcard. Tasmania represents the ultimate laid – back travel experience. Meanwhile, Melbourne is all arts, with a spectacular food scene that satisfies every craving you could ever dream of.


It would not be an exaggeration to state that the splendor of Angkor Wat is perhaps only matched by Machu Picchu. The legend of the Khmer Empire has certainly had its charm rub off on Cambodia’s booming tourism. However, we believe Southeast Asia’s prized possession has much more than its famed temples. 

The capital of Phnom Penh has led a renaissance thanks to its world-class culinary scene. However, Siem Reap is not to be left behind. Trendy bars and cafes in the lively Pub Street keep its patrons entertained for hours, including Angelina Jolie who in return, has a cocktail named after her during the Tomb Raider days.

Refusing to be left behind by Thailand, the Silkhaonville region is home to your wildest Shangri-La dreams. Untouched beaches and amazing dive sites are the name of the game in this part. If that does not float your boat, then head over to the massive Tonle Sap lake. The chance to explore the floating villages on a long boat and gain insight into the daily lives of the warm Khmer people promise a truly authentic getaway for your solo travels.


From the outside, Cuba seems like its worn out. It’s a place that has failed to grasp the rapid developments of the modern era. In short, Cuba is so yesterday. However, a closer look shows the land of the cigars is bursting with life. 

And Havana is at the heart of this. Its 500 year history springs to life as you take a stroll on its bustling streets and feast your eyes on the colorful buildings. Havana’s art is also on the rise, and the National Museum of Fine Arts truly embodies this. For the best of the city, head over to Malecon. This street holds the soul of the city, as it acts as the rendezvous spot for anyone with a pulse.

If Havana’s spirit is proves too hot to handle, then head over to Varadero. This stunning beach resort town offers something for every traveler. For adrenaline junkies, try out one of the water sports in the warm Caribbean sea. Meanwhile, nature lovers can head for a hike and uncover the town’s best views and amid ancient cave and lush settings. 

Finally, for those in search of the ideal resort getaway, simply lay on the beach and work on your tan while sipping on a classic Cuban Mojito, thinking about your next backpacking adventure. 


This Scandinavian gem is beautiful, eco-friendly and still retains its viking charm. Life here is good. The people understand life is meant to be enjoyed, and not spent being stuck in an office. Therefore, for the best weekend solo travel plan, head straight to  Copenhagen

This Danish delight is one of the world’s newest culinary mecca, with Noma spearheading this evolution. Additionally, sous chefs from high end eateries have rapidly begun to open up their own establishments which sources organic ingredients from their own farms. 

For a fairy tale affair, head over to the historical Tivoli Gardens. From 1843, this amusement park has continued to entertain its patrons, with its carnival-like atmosphere. But Tivoli is best seen at night. Beautiful lights illuminate the Danish sky and this sprawling park transforms into a Disney production. Just remember to leave a glass slipper behind for prince charming to come running after you. 


We pick Germany as a perfect blend of history, culture, architecture and nature. It’s where medieval meets modernity. Above all, when in Germany, there is no escaping Berlin. With the city’s fantastic public transport, make your way to the Gemaldegalerie, which has one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of European art. Additionally, the Pergamon Museum offers a fascinating insight into the past with classic works of art from ancient Babylon, Greece and the Middle East.

Bavaria’s charm also takes solo travelers to Munich. After all, it’s impossible to say no the ‘City of Art and Beer’. For the latter, just waltz in any one of the city’s pub for the perfect pint. As for the former, head over to the BMW Welt. For petrolheads, this sexy showroom is a mecca for the latest products in the automobile industry. 

For the complete German experience, make your way to the famed Black Forest. This expanse of hills, lakes and forests is as enchanting as it gets. Therefore, just remember to give yourself a pinch when heading for a stroll. Or else, you might find yourself at a crossroads with a witch, troll or whatever else that satisfies your bedtime story narrative.


Kenya is a step into the wild. And the Masai Mara perfectly embodies this. The game reserve of this sprawling patch of land is the pick of the bunch here. Just be sure to catch the incredible wildebeest migration for an experience of a lifetime. However, Masai Mara’s allure is not just confined to the park. The communities and successful conservation projects in this area only adds to the irresistible charm of Kenya’s poster child. 

Additionally, for a unique backpacking adventure, check out the Lamu Archipelago. Back then, the Arabs called them the ‘Seven Isles of Eryaya’. Now though, countless tourists have fallen victim to the beauty of these islands. Lamu town and the Shela beach are most popular attractions here. So if you’re looking for a place to lay back for a while, this is it. 

Kenya’s diversity also takes us to Nairobi. The capital city is more of a concrete jungle, but this is Kenya. Therefore, another national park is right at the doorstep of Nairobi. But we’re here for the city’s beating heart, best experienced on its streets. So grab a good pair of loafers and take a stroll into one of Nairobi’s exciting line-up of restaurants, museums and nightclubs. 


We rank the Philippines as one of the best ecotourism destinations and solo travel experiences. From the hills of the Banaue rice terraces to Puerto Princesa’s underground river, this land is perfect for some digital detox and adventure. 

Carved into the mountains of Ifugao and away from the chaos of the city, the rice terraces are a fantastic way to get in touch with the local culture. For the ultimate retreat, travel to the Batad and Cambulu areas, armed with a comfy pair of hiking shoes.

Next, continue exploring Philippines’ world renowned ecotourism spots in Palawan. This province is home to stunning, powder-white sand beaches and the popular Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. The latter is a UNESCO-listed underground river, set amid magnificent limestone karst landscape.

Looking for more travel inspiration? Stay tuned for our next globetrotting tales. In the meantime, get your hands on our stock photos to help start your travel diary! 

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