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World Travel Guide: Best of Oceania

From the wonders of Australia’s vast outback to Fiji’s exhilarating adventure capital and New Zealand’s classic Hobbiton to Samoa’s jaw-dropping natural beauty, we bring you the best of Oceania in our epic world travel guide series. 


Our World Travel Guide ranks the land down under as one of the friendliest places to live. And why not? Sundays rarely get any better than a couple of beers and a barbie on your mate’s backyard. 

Australia’s diverse landscape also offers a treat for every traveler. The charming Bondi beach and the vivid colors of the Great Barrier Reef are commonly found on every travel list. Additionally, the remote, rocky outcrops of Uluru and Kakadu are home to Australia’s diverse wildlife and sacred Aboriginal culture. 

On the contrary, Australia’s buzzing cities offer a travel experience like no other. Sydney is the nation’s poster child, with the majestic Opera House at the forefront of every Australian postcard. Tasmania represents the ultimate laid – back travel experience. Meanwhile, Melbourne is all arts, with a spectacular food scene that satisfies every craving you could ever dream of.


Set in the South Pacific, Fiji is made up of over 300 stunning islands. Each of it, a perfect blend of sun, sea, sand, along with magnificent natural beauty. The tagline of tropical paradise may be densely saturated in every travel guide. However, there is no getting away from that in Mamanuca. 

Our World Travel Guide forgives you for mistaking this island for a work of art. Powder white sands, swaying coconut palms and clear blue waters go as far as the eye can see. Recognizing its allure, the accommodation options in Mamanuca satisfies every traveler’s wallet, with backpacker lodges and splendid world-class resorts on offering. 

Meanwhile, for adventure junkies, head over to the nation’s adventure capital. The Pacific Harbour enables daredevils to swim with sharks, enjoy kayaking between mammoth cliffs, heading off-road on a four wheel drive and putting their wits to the test with an unforgettable whitewater rafting journey. 

On the other hand, a trip to Suva enables visitors to enjoy Fiji’s rich culture and heritage, amid a metropolitan setting. The nation’s capital homes shopping centers, farmers markets, colonial era buildings and a vibrant nightlife. All of which makes for a complete holiday for any traveler out there.

New Zealand

New Zealand is an adventure. And there’s no better city that embodies this than Queenstown. Dubbed the ‘adventure capital of the world’, this city homes everything from bungee jumping to zip-lining. So if you’re up for activities that gets your adrenaline pumping, then this city has everything to satisfy your taste for the rush of blood.

Meanwhile, for the best views of the country, check out the majestic Milfred Sound. Mesmerizing fjords, powerful waterfalls and tranquil rainforests are some of the best ways to get in touch with nature. Similarly, the Abel Tasman National Park is great for kayaking your way amid dolphins, to its hidden beaches. Finally, end your stay with a visit to the classic Hobbiton. Because how could anyone resist the charm of following Frodo’s footsteps?


Our World Travel Guide identifies Palau as a true natural wonder. What this island lacks in size, it surely makes up for in beauty. Part of the Micronesia region, this string of limestone and volcanic islands are perfect for the ideal getaway. Here, the famed Blue Corner and Chandelier Cave are the best of the lot.

The former homes some of the richest marine life, while the latter offers the chance to explore fascinating stalactites formations, if you’re bold enough to brave the darkness and the risk of claustrophobia. In short, spending the day surrounded by the world’s best coral and turquoise lagoons is an opportunity not to be missed. If that does not float your boat, then opt to lie in hammocks, sipping pina coladas.


Our World Travel Guide highlights Samoa as one of the most underrated travel destinations. It has everything you want from a stunning Caribbean island, minus the hustle and bustle of its more famous counterparts. 

The island of Upolu is at the heart of this nation. The 24-hour Maketi Fou dishes out local food and produce, so be sure to include this as a pit stop. However, in Upolu, it’s all about the jaw-dropping natural beauty. First up, the To Sua Ocean Trench. This incredibly photogenic location homes a massive sinkhole that opens up to an aquamarine pool. It takes quite a bit of effort to enjoy this, but the descend via a sturdy wooden ladder makes it worth your time and courage.

Next, don’t leave without checking out the Piula Cave Pool. Perfect for a family getaway and thrill-seekers, as the latter can uncover the cave by swimming through a narrow passageway and into the next site. Finally, end your day on a high at the Afu Aau and Togitogiga Waterfalls, where serenity is served in abundance. 


Tonga is tailored for an authentic experience. Away from the glitz and glamor of high-end resorts and restaurants, this Polynesian gem promises to offer an immersive experience for our world travel guide. Tongatapu is the main island here, which homes the capital of Nuku’alofa, along with bustling markets, century-old tombs and the royal palace.

For a peek into Tonga’s past, be sure to visit the Ha’amonga ‘a Maui. Polynesia’s answer to the Stonehenge is one of the country’s most intriguing monuments. Additionally, take in the best of Tonga’s natural landscapes at the Mapu’a blowholes. Also known as Chief Whistles, catch hundreds of blowholes sprouting all at once. Finally, no trip here is complete without checking out the beaches, and Ha’atafu is the pick of the bunch.

Looking for more travel inspiration? Stay tuned for our next globetrotting tales. In the meantime, get your hands on our stock photos to help start your travel diary!

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