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World Travel Guide: Best of North America

From Barbados’s stunning beaches to Canada’s breathtaking Haida Gwaii and Mexico’s majestic Aztec temples to Cuba’s timeless Havana, we bring you the best of North America in our epic world travel guide series. 


Famed for its stunning powder-like sand and alluring waters, Barbados is an island which has it all. Unlike many other Caribbean islands, the World Travel Guide would never resort to the word ‘laid back’ to describe the home of Rihanna. Its vibrant nightlife is best seen in Holetown and St Lawrence Gap. 

Here, everything from dizzying disco’s and rousing reggae bars promise an eventful night out. If you are looking for a dose of adventure, head out to Crane Beach on the island’s east coast. The impressive waves make this a popular spot among surfers. Alternatively, travel to the west coast for calmer waters and swanky family themed resorts. 

Meanwhile, for a dose of tranquility and amazing snorkeling sights, head down south. The cheaper accommodation options also ensures Barbados offers a treat for every wallet. Finally, no trip to Barbados is complete without a visit to St Nicholas Abbey. One of the oldest plantation houses in the Caribbean, this mansion enables you to take a step back into the island’s past while sipping on some of the finest rum.


Here’s a challenge. Drop us a message on our social media channels if you’ve found a country that beats Canada for sheer beauty. Because for our World Travel Guide and outdoor enthusiasts, Canada is the world’s most beautiful destination, and the Haida Gwaii archipelago truly embodies this. 

Here, embark on the same road as your ancestors and paddle off into the Pacific, sandwiched between imposing mountain peaks and impenetrable rainforests for company. In short, there is no escaping from Canada’s stunning beauty. You’ll see it in its mountains, smell it in its pine-infused air and hear it in its cascading waterfalls. 

For foodies, Canada’s culinary scene is on par with the likes of Paris, Lyon and Milan. Canada’s selling point boils down to the diversity of its impeccable cuisine. Start your day with a tasty taco by your neighborhood food truck. Next, swing by a cozy Asian restaurant for flavorful beef noodles. Finally, end your day on a high note by splurging on duck parfait and a bottle of Merlot. However, the best part of this culinary odyssey, is how everything is within a gulp, slurp and burp away.


From the outside, Cuba seems like its worn out. It’s a place that has failed to grasp the rapid developments of the modern era. In short, Cuba is so yesterday. However, a closer look shows the land of the cigars is bursting with life.

And Havana is at the heart of this. The city is brilliant, bold and beautiful. Its 500 year history springs to life as you take a stroll on its vibrant streets and feast your eyes on the vividly painted buildings. Havana’s art is also on the rise, and the National Museum of Fine Arts truly embodies this. For the best of the city, head over to Malecon. This street holds the soul of the town, acting as the rendezvous spot for anyone with a pulse. 

If Havana’s spirit is proves too hot to handle, then head over to Varadero. This stunning beach resort town offers something for every traveler. For adrenaline junkies, try out one of the water sports in the warm Caribbean sea. Meanwhile, nature lovers can head for a hike and uncover the town’s best views and amid ancient cave and lush settings. Finally, for those in search of the ideal resort getaway, simply lay on the beach and work on your tan while sipping on a classic Cuban Mojito.

Costa Rica

This peaceful Latin American gem is well on its way to the tourist trail even though it’s considered expensive by neighboring standards. However, its stunning landscapes are well worth a visit. The volcanoes are the best of Costa Rica’s ecotourism ventures, with Irazu being the pick of the bunch. It’s beautiful crater lakes which alternates between emerald green and crimson red, is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

The World Travel Guide suggests diving further into Costa Rica’s mesmerizing sights with a trip to Llanos des Cortes. This spectacular waterfall cascades into a serene pond and it comes with a sandy-beach like feature. Thus, making it perfect to take a break. For the best experience, head to the back and chill by the rocks while enjoying the waterfall curtain. Alternatively, head to Puerto Viejo for a dose of the Rastafarian life. The intoxicating vibes of this small beach side town makes this a perfect party spot for backpackers.


For the World Travel Guide, Jamaica is intoxicating. Here, tease your ears as you groove to the reggae beats. Lend your eyes to spectacular cascading waterfalls. Taste every bite of tropical fruit and wash them down with good old rum. Finally, open your arms and welcome the gentle sea breeze on your delicate, tanned skin.

In Jamaica, begin your journey by exploring the lush Blue Lagoon. Surrounded by serene forests, the turquoise waters are like a vision of beauty. A dip here enables travelers to get the best of both worlds – the warmth of the sea and cooling effects of the underground streams.

For those keen for a dose for the high life, hike up the Blue Mountain Peak. For the best experience, make it just in time for sunrise. Jamaica also does not hold back on its Caribbean flair. A trip to Kingston allows travelers to experience the city’s history and culture in the downtown district. Meanwhile, head uptown for Kingston’s swanky food, dining and clubbing scene. Finally, no trip to Jamaica is complete without a trip to a local beach. And Doctor’s Cave is the best of the bunch.


Mexico is dangerously addictive. From ancient Aztec temples to stunning cathedrals, and beautiful beaches to bustling towns, Mexico has it all. Therefore, enter at your own risk, because if the jalapeno does not get you, the habanero will.

First, take a step back into the country’s origins with a visit to the extraordinary Teotihuacan. Dubbed ‘the place where God’s were created’, this ancient city was one of the largest in the entire western hemisphere. The Pyramids of the Sun structure is the main highlight here. Although the jury remains out on its original builder, there is no doubting the significance of Mexico’s cradle of civilization.

Next, travel to the kryptonite of the country, Mexico City. This energetic city is undergoing an art and culinary renaissance, with the emergence of contemporary galleries and restaurants. However, for the most authentic experience, the World Travel Guide recommends a wrestling match with flamboyant luchadores for company. 

United States of America

From the bright lights of New York and L.A’.s beautiful coast to Texas’s wild wild west charm and Alaska’s alpine lakes, the US has it all. Most of us have dreamt of heading there for various reasons, including crazy Vegas bachelor parties and chasing the American dream during a 9 to 5 in California.

While a minuscule travel guide will do you no use, an extensive piece with a focus on the 2026 FIFA World Cup might help you plan your journey a little better. For the best experience, have your bags packed, rent an American muscle car and fuel up for an epic cross-country road trip.

Looking for more travel inspiration? Stay tuned for our next globetrotting tales. In the meantime, get your hands on our stock photos to help start your travel diary! 

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