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World Travel Guide: Best of Europe

From Austria’s most photographed village to Denmark’s Disney-like Tivoli Gardens and Spain’s whimsical Park Guell to Iceland’s world class Blue Lagoon spa, we bring you our world travel guide and the best of Europe’s beautiful attractions. 


Hallstatt – Austria’s most photographed village.

In Austria, you can seamlessly waltz between the great outdoors and the contemporary city culture. You can go from the peak of the Alps, to indulging in the nation’s cafe culture, all within the blink of an eye. The 123RF World Travel Guide picks Innsbruck as one of Austria’s most picturesque locations. The medieval core of this Gothic and baroque city is a charm like no other. Additionally, the city’s outdoor activities of hiking and skiing make for an adrenaline-packed hobby.

Salzburg meanwhile, is a music lover’s paradise. The birthplace of the legendary Mozart, the city has a series of concerts in honor of the artist. Next, if there was a city to rival Innsbruck for beauty, Hallstatt would be high on the list. The nation’s most photographed village sits in Salzkammergut region, amid a magnificent river and grand mountains. Finally, for your sweet tooth indulgence, opt for a stay in Vienna and embark on a journey to seek out the best cakes, for your dirty dessert desires.


Enjoy a stroll along Copengahen’s Nyhavn Canal.

This Scandinavian gem is beautiful, eco-friendly and still retains its viking roots. Life here is good. Our World Travel Guide identifies Copenhagen as the heart of this Danish delight. Forget Paris, this Danish capital is the new culinary mecca, with Noma 2.0 spearheading this evolution. Inspired by Chef Rene Redzepi’s success, sous chefs from high end eateries have rapidly begun opening their own establishments. This line of new restaurants pride themselves on using organic ingredients from their own farms and foraging from the great outdoors. The result? You’ve got to taste it for yourself. 

For a fairy tale affair, head over to the historical Tivoli Gardens. From 1843, this amusement park has continued to entertain its patrons, with its carnival-like atmosphere. But Tivoli is best seen at night. Beautiful lights illuminate the sky and this sprawling park transforms into a Disney production. Just remember to leave a glass slipper behind for prince charming to come running after you.


Take a dip in the medicinal waters of the Szechenyi Baths.

Keen to explore Eastern Europe? Budapest  is the heart of Hungary’s revival. This is where the medieval meets modern. Here, age-old wines meet swanky cocktails. Baroque architecture transforms state of the art galleries and ruin pubs go side by side with luxury dance clubs. 

For the ultimate local experience, try a medicinal bath, with Szechenyi Baths being the pick of the bunch. Built in 1913, this medicinal bath is the largest of its kind in Europe. It’s also a great way to spend your mornings. Meanwhile, when the sun sets, Budapest’s nightlife bursts to life. The Raday utca is home to a series of fashionable restaurants and bars. For the best experience, head to Puder to enjoy some drinks and stunning visuals which adorns its floor to ceiling walls. 

However, for some peace and quiet, head over to Eger. This peaceful town allows you to wander into its colorful buildings while sipping some of the finest wine you’ve ever tasted. We’re sold. 


Remember to explore Vatnajokull’s stunning ice caves.

In Iceland, there’s no such thing as ordinary. A walk in the park becomes a trek to explore magnificent fjords. A quick shower becomes a dip in the most beautiful geothermal pool. And Kayaking in the river turns into exploring magnificent icebergs. Welcome to Iceland, the home of the extraordinary. 

Begin your journey with a trip to the iconic Blue Lagoon. This spa is hugely popular, so pre-booking is advised. However, once you’re there, you’ll understand why. The blue waters brilliantly contrasts the black lava field and green moss. Meanwhile, the water itself is extremely refreshing and nourishing. Hence, its unsurprising that Nat Geo has named this as one of the top 25 natural wonders of the world.

Next, head out to the Jokulsarlon where mammoth icebergs drift by as you kayak your way into the ice age. Iceland’s extraordinary allure also takes the 123RF World Travel Guide to the stunning Thingvellir National Park. Translated to the fields of parliament, this is where Icelandic history began. However, Thingvellir’s landscape is what demands the world’s attention. This park is home to the majestic fjords, ravines, lakes and waterfall which promises to satisfy your most extraordinary dreams of natural beauty. 


Porto’s colorful vintage buildings are one of the country’s most Instragammable spots.

Often overlooked for glamour of Spain, this Iberian Peninsular gem is home to one of the most beautiful fairytale-like cities, Sintra. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Sintra Mountains, colorful pastel hued villas and palaces form the best sights in the city. The National Palace of Pena is the pick of the bunch, with its whimsical architecture oozing with a Disneyland-like charm.

However, our World Travel Guide stresses no trip to Portugal is complete without a stop at Porto. The capital city’s best allure lies in its classy yet edgy vibe, thanks to the contemporary arts and dining scene. For the best experience, pay a visit to the elegant Museu Serralves museum and the cobbled Rebeira street.

Additionally, round off your stay in with a mini getaway to the Madeira Islands. The dolphin safaris and scuba diving are within the archipelago. Meanwhile, beautiful beaches are just a short boat ride away in Porto Santo.


The High Tatras offer breathtaking natural beauty.

Slovakia’s great outdoors, adorned with sky-piercing peaks and mirror-like still glaciers make it one of the best places to visit for a quick European getaway.  And the High Tatras are the best place to witness nature’s sheer beauty. The tallest range in the Carpathian Mountains homes the national icon of Mount Krivan, along with cascading waterfalls, alpine grasslands and an abundance of crystal clear lakes.

Next, for a taste of local culture, we head straight for Bratislava. This capital city homes the traditional baroque buildings and a Gothic Old Town. Meanwhile, the powder-white, grand Renaissance-styled Bratislava Castle is another gem worth visiting in this medieval city.

For those looking to further uncover Slovakia’s past, our world travel guide recommends a stay at Kosice. This ancient town accommodates St Elisabeth’s Cathedral, the largest of its kind in the country and the East Slovak Museum, which offers an extensive collection of 16th century art and silver coins. 


The Alhambra Fortress pay homage to Granada’s awe-inspiring archictcture.

There’s a reason why fiesta is the most popular Spanish word known to the rest of the world. We have Madrid’s extravagant nightlife to thank for this. Additionally, a strong case can also be made for the popularity of the word siesta. Because, that’s what sounds best, especially after a taste of the impeccable Spanish cuisine and its fantastic wine pairings.

However, for the best of both worlds, our world travel guide is heading straight for the capital of the Catalan state. Aside from its gastronomic delight in creative tapas bars and party scene in boisterous basements, Barcelona is also renowned for its art and architecture. Park Guell’s whimsical, Gaudi-inspired, colorful buildings are a testament to this.

For more art inspiration, travel to Granada. Set in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, this city is perhaps one of the world’s prettiest, with its grand fortresses paying homage to the royal Moorish architecture. And the awe-inspiring Alhambra is the most opulent example of this.

Looking for more travel inspiration? Remember to watch this space as we give your the best of the world’s adventures! 

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