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World Travel Guide: Best of Africa

From Algeria’s gateway to the majestic Sahara Desert to uncovering the cradle of civilization in Egypt, and Morocco’s spice alleys to Seychelles exotic beaches, we bring you the best of Africa in our epic world travel guide series. 


Africa’s largest country lies just a hop and skip away from Europe. The perfect blend of culture, landscape and tradition, this vast land homes everything from fishing ports to the majestic Sahara Desert. 

For a sneak into the nation’s past, a trip to Timgad is a must. The ruins here are one of the finest Roman sites in existence, spreading as far as the eye can see. Next, spend time in the markets and bath chambers in Djemila and witness one of the great archaeological cities coming to life.

However, there is no escaping the beauty Sahara is the most striking feature in Algeria. To enter, cross the El Kautara Gorges to the south of Constantine. The glimpse of the desert at this point is simply breathtaking, as the gorge separates the winter land from the everlasting summer. For the ultimate experience, camp out in the desert and make your way across this picturesque setting on the back of a camel. 


The cradle of civilization is best known for its mighty Nile and marvelous monuments. The Pyramids of Giza are an everlasting tribute to the power of ancient Egypt. The World Travel Guide believes a visit here truly enables travelers to step into Egypt’s famed past. 

However, the sheer glory of this structure gives rise to tales of the pyramid being built by massive angels and aliens  – a constant blemish to this monumental achievement. The Great Pyramid of Khufu is the oldest and largest of the collection. The mortuary complex which accommodates boat pits for the afterlife is one of Khufu’s most fascinating sights.

The expedition to uncover the world’s cradle of civilization also takes us to Saqqara. The nation’s largest archaeological site is home to the mammoth cemetery of Memphis. Although Saqqara does not match the allure of Egypt’s poster child, it remains a must see for history buffs looking to explore the treasures of the Old Kingdom. 

Egypt’s rich history and legendary feats is also highly evident in Luxor. This extraordinary open air museum accommodates 63 grand royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Additionally, it also holds the most significant place of worship in ancient Egypt, Karnak.


Mauritius is heaven on land. For the World Travel Guide, Mauritius is the ultimate paradise and a celebration of colors. Bright, blue waters, powder white sands, green palm fringed lands, and the fascinating Seven Colored Earths, all pay a significant homage to the diversity and charm of this country. 

For the best experience, head straight for the west coast. The most popular attraction here is the gorgeous Flic en Flac beach, with underwater treasures situated just off this tourist hot spot. Meanwhile, for adventure enthusiasts, travel to the volcanic lake of Grand Bassin and hike the waterfalls of the Black River Gorges National Park. As for ecotourism travelers, the Ile aux Aigrettes remains the best option to uncover Mauritius’ immense conservation efforts for its rich plant and wildlife species.

However, no trip to Mauritius is complete without a pit stop at Port Louis. Here, head directly for the bustling Mercado Central farmer’s market and get a taste of the daily life, along with the country’s rapidly growing culinary scene.   


From the imposing golden dunes of the Sahara, to the majestic snow-capped peaks of the Atlas, Morocco promises to satisfy your cravings for a dramatic adventure. For a truly authentic experience, head to Djemaa El Fna.

Marrakesh’s UNESCO-declared ‘Masterpiece of World Heritage’ comes alive with fires from the charcoal, tunes of the snake charmers, energy of the acrobatic performers and the scent of the spice masters. In short, spend the night here, and you’ll have the chance to be a part of this powerful, highly entertaining tale.

Next, travel to Casablanca to further indulge in Morocco’s seductive charm. This underrated city is home to a fascinating architecture, art and culture scene, with the Hassan Ⅱ Mosque being the pick of the bunch. However, no trip to Morocco would be complete without a visit to Chefchaouen. The city’s labyrinth of blue hued walls make it an essential for the #DoItForTheGram wave.


Nigeria is bursting with energy. Africa’s powerhouse is the most populous nation of the continent, and as a result, has tapped into its remarkable talent pipeline to establish itself as one of the world’s most inviting travel destinations. Lagos, is at the heart of Nigeria’s renaissance. Marina homes a bunch of stimulating attractions, with music festivals and markets being the main highlights.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to satisfy your taste for the high life, the World Travel Guide suggests making your way to Victoria Island. The string of lavish hotels, exquisite restaurants and polished bars ensures there’s never a dull night in this part of Lagos. Finally, no trip here in complete without a visit to the country’s icon, the Zuma Rock.   


This is Africa’s paradise. Scattered across the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is literally heaven on earth for our World Travel Guide. First and foremost, Mahe serves as the main entry point to this gorgeous archipelago. This island accommodates the town of Victoria, where bright, creole-inspired buildings and market are in abundance.

However, the pick of the bunch here is the Beau Vallon. This stretch of land has the island’s best beaches and snorkeling spots, alongside luxury resorts for those who can’t seem to get enough of this jewel. Additionally, for more glorious white sand beaches, explore Denis. This private island is where you can dive in turquoise waters, snorkel among sea turtles and explore the world’s rarest species of birds. Are your bags packed yet?

South Africa

Warning! South Africa is not for the faint-hearted. If you can’t handle waking up to a kudu at your front porch, swimming with a Great White in the afternoon, taking on one of the world’s highest bungee jumps in the evening, and falling asleep with the roar of the lion in the background, then stay at home. 

However, if you have what it takes, welcome to the home of the extraordinary. And Kruger National Park is the epitome of this tagline. This Nat Geo-approved game reserve is the ultimate African safari experience. You have the chance to catch the elusive Big Five, while the tables are turned; you’re caged and these majestic beasts roam free. Also, consider squeezing in a trip to Lesotho while you’re here. You’ll thank us later.

Looking for more travel inspiration? Remember to watch this space as we give your the best of the world’s adventures!

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