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World Travel Guide: Best Luxury Travel Destinations

From the allure of Bhutan’s tranquility to Dubai’s glittering skyline and Finland’s nature wonderland to Singapore’s glamorous streets, we bring you the best luxury travel destinations to uncover right away. Are your credit cards ready? 

United Arab Emirates 

Think of luxury travel in the UAE and Dubai automatically pops into your mind. This skyscrapers-filled town is among the world’s most glamorous places to live. While the Burj Khalifa acts as the poster child, the dazzling souqs and splendid shopping malls also adds to Dubai’s appeal. Throw in a stunning tangerine desert into the background, and you have a winner right here.

However, Abu Dhabi is not to be left behind. If the magnificent mosques don’t appeal to you, the adrenaline-thumping Yas Marina F1 circuit will have you hooked. Can’t get enough of motorsport action? The impressive Ferrari World is a speed-enthusiasts dream home. Finally, if you’re looking to unwind, our world travel guide promises Corniche Beach will not disappoint. 


This superpower of a country has timelessly ranked as the world’s dominant force. From the magnificent Great Wall and the ancient Forbidden City to the hustle and bustle of Shanghai and Beijing, China has seamlessly combined the old with the new into an irresistible concoction, ready to be enjoyed by every traveler.

China’s sublime landscapes make it a heaven for photography enthusiasts. Armed with breathtaking views at every step, the Tiger Leaping Gorge is an unmissable spot for trekking in southeastern China. Additionally, don’t miss out on the stunning limestone water terrace in Baishuitai, you’ll thank us later.  

We also rank the Yungang Caves as the nation’s best spot for imperious Buddhist cave art. Over 50,000 statues and celestial beings were inspired by the Indians, Persians and Romans – an absolute dream for archaeologists. This imperial nation also has something in store for love birds with the serene water town of Zhouzhuang. Dubbed the “Venice of China”, the well-preserved town is a perfect spot to wander into hidden alleyways and take in the nostalgia of this beautiful setting during your luxury travels. 


Asia’s secret sanctuary is your go-to choice for the ultimate peace and tranquility on your luxury travel getaway. Set amid the majestic Himalayas, Bhutan still remains traditional and remote. At times you feel as if you have this blessed nation all for yourself. Through years of isolation, Bhutan is now full of surprises.

This is where the chilies are the main dish, rice is red and an entire shrine is dedicated to a tantric Buddhist saint. Chimi Lhakhang bears witness to this unconventional take on religion. With symbols of the male phallus on its walls, this shrine has evolved into a fertility pilgrimage for couples in need.

However, the most iconic sight is none other than the gravity defying Tiger’s Nest. This over 300 year old monastery is situated on the edge of a cliff. Not for the faint-hearted, you will need to trek for 90 minutes, while breathing thin mountain air, before having the privilege to witness this legendary site. For the ultimate indulgence, seek shelter in the impressive Taj Tashi in Thimphu and other splendid resorts in the world’s last Shangri-La.


We believe France needs no introduction to a globetrotter’s diary. And Paris perfectly embodies this. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but before every “10 Places to Visit in France besides Paris”, is a 2000-word long feature on the city of love. Therefore, forget about the road less traveled, or risk missing out on the classic charms of the city. So do you fancy another visit to the Eiffel Tower? 

Additionally, Lyon, Bordeaux and Marseille are all noteworthy stops to make during your visit. Lyon, especially, is widely regarded as the world’s culinary capital. However, no gastronomic journey is complete without a bottle of wine. And Bordeaux has the world’s best collection. Once well-fed, you’ll need to digest it all. Hence, visit Marseille and wander away in the heartbeat of the city, the Vieux Port. Then, make your way to the Republique street and end your day at any one of the exciting boutique hotels. 

For a dose of glitz and glamour, head to the French Riviera. Catch a glimpse of George Clooney in the luxurious beaches and resorts of Cannes and St Tropez. Alternatively, drive away to Mocano and experience the best and worst of lady luck in Monte Carlo. Because after all, c’est la vie, ladies and gentlemen!


Heading to Finland is like answering your call of the wild. The famed Northern Lights and Lapland’s magical setting is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The former is every traveler’s dream, as some even travel to the ends of the world to catch a glimpse of this extraordinary phenomenon. 

But we’re talking about a luxury travel guide, so let’s take things up a notch. How many people have dozed off under the Northern Lights? In Finland, nature’s most spectacular light show can be viewed from a set of luxury lodges. The Arctic Treehouse Hotel is perhaps one of the best places to catch the Aurora Borealis, right from the comfort of your bed. 

Meanwhile, the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve offers breathtaking views of Lapaland’s majestic landscapes. The most popular attraction here is the Spring of Sulaoja. This site which is about the size of a small lake, is also a holy place for the Sami community. 

However, Finland does not sacrifice urbanization for its beauty. The city of Helsinki accommodates stunning modern architecture that rivals any of the world’s thriving metropolis. This is best seen in Loyly, where the timeless Finnish tradition, a sauna experience, is transformed. In this stylish establishment, you use a ladder to travel between a city sauna and the open Baltic Sea. Let that sink in for a moment.


What this tiny island city lacks in size, it makes up for with a series of world-class attractions. And the all-new billion dollar Jewel lifestyle hub in Changi Airport bears the soul of this city. Also accessible from outside the airport, this section homes a collection of gardens, luxury stores, a canopy park, cinema and hotel. 

Singapore’s glitz and glamour is also rubbed off in the swanky Marina Bay Sands. Home to the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool, this is the best place to splurge for your luxury travel escapade. Additionally, the resort also accommodates a series of world-class dining options, with the likes of Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsay having respective establishments. 

Next, make your way to the nation’s postcard, Gardens by the Bay. Illuminating the night sky, this setting could well feature in the next Avatar film. The lavish lifestyle in Singapore is also seen in the yearly Formula One night race. It would not be a stretch to suggest there’s nowhere else in the world where speed, opulence and entertainment come together for one thrilling weekend.

Looking for more travel inspiration for your next couple’s retreat? Stay tuned for our next globetrotting tales. In the meantime, get your hands on our stock photos to help start your travel diary!

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