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Women Of The World

How is beauty perceived in other parts of the world? Too often we see people campaigning against projects that solidify the female beauty with Silicon Valley’s rules. Nothing too fat, too wrinkled, too sharp, too much of the color of your skin. You can’t have eyes that are too big or too narrow. You won’t get accepted for auditions because you have facial features that are too sharp, or too flabby, too much cellulite, too many wrinkles, crooked teeth, or too many freckles. Your bone structure doesn’t match the acting requirements. You’re too short. Your hair color is too light, or too dark. Your hips are too wide.

While women are often told that they have too many flaws to represent anything, that hasn’t stopped them from doing what really matters – living their lives to the absolute fullest. There really isn’t such a thing as having the perfect face or a body that should accompany it. Everyone sees beauty differently, and most of it lies true to the beholder. Women deserve to be celebrated, not cropped to fit the constraints of Hollywood. And so…

We curated a Likebox to celebrate women of the world.

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Women of the World - 123RF Blog
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