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What Is The Deal With Photo Editing?

Ever scroll through your Instagram or Facebook newsfeed and wonder how those perfect photos seem to just flood in, one after another? From beautiful travel destinations to delicious meals to breathtaking make-up routines, it’s hard to not daydream about the potential of your own social media content.

Even if you’ve been on social media for a few years, it’s easy to see the increase in quality content and photos every time you open your apps. But it’s not just that phone cameras are getting better and better – photo editing can make a huge difference, and if you haven’t tried it on your own photos, you’re missing out!

So, What is the Deal?

Majority of the photos you scroll past on social media have had some type of touch ups. From smoothing out blemishes to finding a suitable filter, photo editing has become extremely popular in the social media age. With the number of influencers that post on social media platforms every day, users can feel almost pressured to find the best photo editing website or app.

A large number of brands and influencers on social media depend on their profile aesthetic to grow their following and set their brand apart. Creating the perfect color scheme is also an essential aesthetic to follow in order to capture their audience’s attention. But how? Free online tools like Color Matcher by comes in handy when you’re trying to pair different colors together. It shows you a variety of color palettes to choose from.

With the biggest brands and content creators likely paying a pretty penny to achieve a specific look, others may wonder what they can do to achieve this aesthetic. As with most social media trends, photo editing has grown with the younger generation.

Social media is a growing and lucrative business avenue – capturing, editing and posting the perfect photo has become a business venture on itself. Whether you’re an influencer, business owner or just a fan of social media, the perfect photo edit often doesn’t come for free. Good content directly leads to better social media engagement and follower growth, so there are many factors to be considered when choosing a good editing solution, including cost, filter types, and editing tools. How can one edit a photo to look professionally taken without hurting their wallet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t Empty Your Pockets

When it comes to the best editing apps or websites, most of them are a paid service. Many also require personal information to create an account before you even begin editing photos. With 123RF 1-Click Tools and Pixlr, this isn’t the case. 123RF provides real fast tools for quick editing fixes for free. Whereas Pixlr allows you to create professional edits on your browser also for free. While photo editing and social media have started to go hand-in-hand, photography and photo editing is more than just an influencer’s must-have. It’s an art form!

Looking at pricey subscription models could discourage some users from wanting to dip their toe into photo editing. With an editor like Pixlr there’s no need for the average person to pay top dollar for a professional-looking photo. In a world of smartphones, anyone can be the editor of their own favorite camera captures with Pixlr. And why not? With photos sitting in our camera rolls, there’s nothing more worthy of some attention and artistic expression.

The best part about doing it yourself is the amount of time and money you save! Pixlr provides the opportunity to create professional photo edits on any browser and for no cost. If you captured the perfect photo from your IOS or Android, download the Pixlr app and create an amazing photo on the go to instantly upload to your feed.

Made Simple with Pixlr

Many elements contribute to achieving your desired photo edit. Everyone has their preference on color schemes and effects, but we all have one thing in common – we want the photo to look professional. Shapes, textures, colors, and patterns are all important components that assist in achieving your desired photo look. The purpose of editing is to bring moments or memories to life. Pixlr’s free app and website aims to bring the joy and art of photo-editing to everyone. While many of us spend time on social media loving influencer posts, food accounts and other beautiful images, why not enjoy editing and perfecting our own? Whether an influencer, photographer, business owner or lover of the arts, Pixlr gives you the freedom and access to professional photo editing tools without blowing your budget.

Social media has brought about a lot of positive changes, such as connectivity, business opportunities and inspiration. But photo-editing doesn’t just have to be for bloggers and photographers, it’s for anyone wanting to give some TLC to their favorite photos. So, start preparing your captions, because Pixlr brings post-ready photos to every household.

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