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Waltz Into A Watercolor World With Artist vasvas

123RF contributor vasvas, also known as Elena Bakshaeva expresses their creativity through the form of the watercolor painting. Demonstrating a strong proficiency of delicate, sweet colors, this Russian-based artist incorporates a unique, feminine flair with a modern twist to vector art. Perfect for DIY projects, arts and crafts, and even decorating an interior space, the work of this artist is wonderfully versatile.

Explore watercolor wonders with vasvas’ vector illustrations:

Watercolors have been around for as long as we can remember. From Art classes in school to making painting a hobby, watercolors are the go-to medium for expressing one’s artistic abilities in color. Mainly due to the fact that watercolors are the most easily accessible and affordable for the general masses to acquire. The usage of this art medium is also easier than most others, simply because the process of using watercolors is straightforward.

A product of pigment and a binding medium, watercolor paints are the most popular artistic mediums to be found today. According to craftsy, watercolors have four unique transparency categories that allow them the famously known dainty, delicate appearance.

Transparent watercolors allow the light to come through and reflect from the white paper, which makes the colors glow. Opaque watercolors, on the other hand, block the light from shining through, so they look thicker and somewhat cloudy. Semi-opaque and semi-transparent are somewhere in-between. —Craftsy

Creativity comes in many ways, forms, colors, and at the strangest of times. We have an abundance of mediums to express our creativity, regardless of whether we use it for our profession or hobby. Self-expression is always important, even for non-creatives. Great for conceptual art, embellishing a website, designing posters, postcards and more, vasvas’ watercolor art can help you work creative wonders. Even if you’re exploring new ways to add a little honey to your sweet Instagram feed, explore vasvas’ portfolio on 123RF, or discover more talented artists right here on the 123RF blog.

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