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Traveling During Your Gap Year? Turn Those Photos Into Cash!

Everyone in their 20s needs to travel – often, everywhere, and far. Not everyone can afford to travel, though, and working before a trip can take time and a lot of effort. Motivation aside, there’s also the issue of struggling with finances (and student loans!). It’s tough to save for a vacation while you need to pay the rent, get gas for your car (kudos if you walk, skate, or scoot!) and food to fill your belly.

Can you make your travel photos fund your next trip?

Yes, you can! Here’s how – take as many good photos as you’re able to. You don’t need a DSLR or a professional camera, just make use of your smartphone! As always, try to take steady, high-resolution shots.

Your gap year is one of the best times to get out of your comfort zone and into new, foreign lands. You’ll learn a lot about yourself then – the things you value, what will humble you, and the places you prefer. Bustling, big cities or vast, rolling countryside hills? You’ll figure that out for yourself.


Big cities are always bustling and busy, and the nightlife will always be popular choices for photoshoots. Street photography will be your go-to choice. Think about the mouth-watering street food you can snap – both with your camera, and of course your mouth 😉

Historic cities are everywhere around the globe, and no matter your destination, you’ll definitely be able to find something to capture. Monuments, historical structures, and holy places make great photography subjects. Only take photos of temples where you are allowed to, though! Festivals held in the city you are visiting are perfect to photograph too. Just remember to properly keyword these images under Editorial content.

If you’re grabbing a shot of someone in a holy place (like monks in temples), be sure to ask for permission first. You’ll also require a model release for people in the photo. Try to file the image under Editorial to be safe.


The ocean! Fun in the sun! The smell of the sea! There are so many things to do and see, like surfing, snorkeling, diving. Think of the photos you can take!

Even if you don’t enjoy the water, you can still help contribute to our content library by exploring the beach. Just snap photos of whatever piques your interest! Of course, you won’t be carrying around a stack of model releases for your photo subjects to sign. Just remember that people shots don’t always have to be full frontal. Go for silhouettes and make the background stand out instead like the image below!

The Countryside

Does your preference lie in mountain views, rolling grasslands, or neat paddy fields? Taking photos of scenery, landscapes and stunning aerial views can also be great for your stock photo portfolio.

Visiting a quiet countryside village? Take photos of the street, houses, the scene down a street – there are plenty of great themes for you to choose from. Japan’s small towns and villages, for example, have perfect spots for you to snap photos. When you’re traveling, you’re gonna be doing this anyway – just wander around and explore!

If solely photos are too boring for you, try making it into a video instead! In 2 minutes, Videomaker uses AI-technology to create a seamless video for your needs. Once you’re done with the video, simply pay a flat price and it’s entirely yours.


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