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Top Stock Photos And Vectors Of September 2012

We could not believe our eyes when we caught a glimpse of our table calendar showing October a.k.a. the final quarter of the year. Wow, how time flies!

Now that October has arrived, we can finally start prepping for the spookiest day of the year – Halloween. We just can’t wait to play ‘dress-up’, indulge in delicious sweet candies (yummm!) and party the night away. There are so many fun things to do for Halloween that the options are endless! So, what crazy fun plans do you have up your sleeves?

While you’re out there trick or treating, don’t forget to take photos of yourselves in your best costumes and share them with us. Who knows, your crazy snapshots might just end up here, on our ‘Top Downloaded Images’.

Speaking of top downloads, check out our September edition of Top Downloaded Images, for both credits and subscription.

I. Credit Downloads Category

II. Subscription Downloads Category

Stay tuned for more, coming your way next month!

PSSSTTT… feel free to Like, ReTweet and/or Share this blog post with your pals.Remember, sharing is caring. Have a Frightful Night on Halloween this Year, but Keep Safety in Mind!

Au revoir!


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