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Top Stock Photos And Vectors Of October 2013

Wow, October 2013, just came and went, it just whizzed by and whaddya know, it’s November already. Time to reveal the best sellers of October 2013, congratulations to all and let’s see November’s highlights in a month’s time.

Credits Bestsellers

We see a lot of Halloween imagery and Christmas starting to come up too. Business always remains popular throughout the year!

Subscription Bestsellers

As usual, Halloween and even one of our front pagers, autumn colors are in as well as a tonne of infographic template types. One contributor Kittisak Taramas from Thailand is doing very well absolutely dominating with vectors.

Bestsellers for Footage– Check out the likebox we’ve compiled for you.

Bestsellers for Audio – Until we can visualize audio files… here’s a likebox for you 😀


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