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Top 7 Things To Pack For Your Summer Getaway

You can feel it. The warm sun on your skin, the sand between your toes, the sweet flavors of a Pina Colada on your tastebuds. Summer is a beautiful time. It is a time to head outside and simply just lay by the beach all weekend. However, it presents a new problem. What do you pack for your summer getaway?  

Take too much, and you will end up looking like a hot mess. Take too little, and you could end up scavenging for essentials or (God forbid), repeating the same outfit! Thankfully, we have got your back, because you can count on us like one, two, three. Therefore, check out this fool-proof guide on what to pack for your ultimate summer getaway, while traveling light and staying classy!

1. Sunscreen

Top 7 Things To Pack For Your Summer Getaway 123RF Blog - Applying sunscreen on the beach

That better be sunscreen 🙂

This right here is an absolute must have. Thou shall not leave home without this. Although most of you will be relishing the chance to soak in the sun, the health risks associated to the harmful UV rays should not be underestimated. Therefore, for best results, be sure to apply some sunscreen 30 minutes before heading out. If skin cancer does not entice you to lather on some sun protection, then severe ageing might. Scientifically proven to reduce skin ageing, this could be the secret to Keanu Reeves’ everlasting looks.  

2. Swimwear

Top 7 Things To Pack For Your Summer Getaway 123RF Blog - Men's swimwear for beach

The man with the golden gun trunks.

There is an endless choice of swimwear for the ladies, including bikinis, burkinis and the figure-hugging one piece. In addition, the recent plus size movement has been a great effort to make fashionable swimwear options for women of all shapes and sizes. For the men though, things are a little different. Board shorts are starting to get a bad rep for being too baggy, unless you are Chris Hemsworth. Speedos never fails to make pretty much everyone else super uncomfortable, especially when the little guy gets excited. This leaves a well fitted pair of swim trunks as the last viable option.

3. Summer outfit

Top 7 Things To Pack For Your Summer Getaway 123RF Blog - Beachwear outfits

Keep it casual and comfy.

Your swimwear options will make up the bulk of your outfits for the summer getaway. However, you will still have to decide on what to wear for the rest of the trip. Whatever your choice may be, comfort is key. Cotton and linen are your best choices to remain effortlessly cool during the blazing heat. For a touch of flair, opt for tonal stripes in your clothing, as it adds a soothing nautical vibe. Top it off with a summer hat and some shades, and you have a variety of outfit combinations, perfect for any beach or island. To take your fashion game up a notch, be sure to plan your outfits ahead, ensuring you are not caught off guard when pressed for time.  

4. Toiletries

Top 7 Things To Pack For Your Summer Getaway 123RF Blog - A set of toiletries

Take your grooming routine up a notch.

One of the most annoying things to do during a short getaway is to waste time hunting for travel essentials rather than soaking in the sun while laying on beautiful beaches. Wet wipes and deodorants are must haves for a summer getaway. The sea breeze may get you that perfect shot as you flaunt it and #doitforthegram. However, the particles in the wind will end up leaving your face feeling oily. As for the deodorant, the last thing you would want is to turn that handsome hunk or cute chick away with your bodily stench, flavored with a touch of salt. In addition, some dry shampoo will go a long way to save time and keep that hair of yours feeling fresh all day long.  

5. Plastic zipper bags

Top 7 Things To Pack For Your Summer Getaway 123RF Blog - Plastic zipper bag

For days when you are too broke to buy an actual makeup pouch.

Your toiletries need to be kept in place. Simply placing them in your duffel bags will probably do the trick. However, the is a risk for some of those items to spill, and maybe even stain your outfits! The solution? For a more refined approach, a makeup pouch would be perfect. Alternatively, for those looking to keep it to bare necessities, (thank you Mowgli and Baloo), reach for the plastic zipper bags. It is cheap and chances are, you would have it lying in your kitchen cupboard at home.

6. Footwear

Top 7 Things To Pack For Your Summer Getaway 123RF Blog - Summer footwear

Espadrilles are perfect for comfort and style.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Havaianas flip flops. They are super comfy and more importantly, they can be easily kicked off! Perfect, if you are looking to sink your toes into the warm golden sand. But they may not be the most versatile footwear choice, especially if you are  looking to hit that chic bar in town. Hence, a pair of sandals for her and espadrilles for him would provide both style and comfort. Making this an essential part of your summer escapade.

7. Towel

Top 7 Things To Pack For Your Summer Getaway 123RF Blog - Beach towel

Don’t be that creep who goes around asking to share a towel.

No summer vacation is complete without a trip to beach. And no trip to the beach is complete without towels. Be it laying in the sand and sipping on a Cosmopolitan while you get your tan on, or while you take a dip in the ocean, towels are an absolute must. They always come in handy, especially if you do not want to expose your skin to the harsh temperatures of the sand.    

All set to head for your summer getaway? Then check out our guide on how to shoot great travel photos. And speaking of summer photos, the pastel color trend is surely something you would want to go with. So read up on of this and jump on the bandwagon to truly set your photos apart from everyone else’s!  

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