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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Photos Noticed on Instagram

What’s the best social site for photographers? Instagram surely ranks as one of the best platforms for budding photographers to publish their work. However, simply posting high quality images are not enough. There is a massive need to get your photos noticed on Instagram. Because with the right audience, there’s always a chance to score that big break that every photographer craves for. So here’s five tips to optimize your profile for maximum exposure.

1. Have a focus for your page

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Photos Noticed on Instagram 123RF Blog - woman hiking in mountains

If you love to travel, consider narrowing your photography focus to a specific section of travel, like outdoor or adventure travel photography.

Consider having a niche to get your photos noticed on Instagram. Be it food or sports photography, retro or futuristic photos, it’s vital to play to your strengths. Only then, will you be considered an expert. And therefore, be worth to follow. Pages that are all over the place are a classic jack of all trades, master of none. In addition, choosing a particular niche also allows you to target the right audience for your work. For wildlife enthusiasts, consider getting in touch with National Geographic and get your images re-posted on their page. However, for travel aficionados, fans of Condé Nast Traveller would be the correct target audience.

2. Find your own aesthetic

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Photos Noticed on Instagram 123RF Blog - woman walking in forest

Developing your own aesthetic allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Instagram is a visual platform. There is no doubt about that. Most people follow an account simply because it looks appealing. This is despite the account having little to do with their interests. Hence, finding and developing your own aesthetic is key to getting your photos noticed on Instagram. Wes Anderson is a master of this. His play of color and symmetry never fails to impress. 123RF contributor, Andrejs Pidjass is another fantastic example of someone who has found their aesthetic. His collection of retro themed images are a guaranteed winner as it forms an attractive Instagram grid layout.

3. Master how to use hashtags

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Photos Noticed on Instagram 123RF Blog - Father holding newborn baby

The right hashtag ensures your images are noticed by the correct audience.

When it comes to hashtags, it’s a fine line between overdoing and under-using it. Go crazy with hashtags, and you might seem too desperate. However, you may be killing your own game by not maximizing its potential. In the debate of how many hashtags to use to get your Instagram photos noticed, one thing is certain. There is no right and wrong. Both sets of strategies has its benefits and flaws. But it’s important to choose the correct hashtag to reach the right audience and get your photos noticed on Instagram. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to do some research and look for the right hashtags.

4. Run themes to get your photos noticed on Instagram

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Photos Noticed on Instagram 123RF Blog - Autumn forest

Use your surroundings to help dictate your content over a specific time.

Deciding what to post is difficult. It’s because you’re drowning in a sea of content. Therefore, you’re constantly in a battle to decide which image to post as you don’t want to commit the crime of over-posting. However, this can be solved by following a monthly theme. This helps sort the content and it gives you a sense of direction on your creative works. In addition, a monthly theme also streamlines your page, which makes for a great aesthetic. If having to come up with 12 themes seems daunting, opt for a quarterly time frame. For example, if you’re a travel photographer who focuses on the outdoors, use the season to dictate your profile. Let fall take over October, and winter be the focus in December. This keeps your followers interested in your work as they would be keen to find out about your new creative projects. 

5. Don’t forget about the community

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Photos Noticed on Instagram 123RF Blog - Helping to take a photo in the city

If you’d like to receive feedback on your work, remember to do the same for the community.

Instagram is a social network. Hence, to be a success, you have to be a part of the community. Follow the right hashtags for your interests and use them for your photos too. Next, make an effort to leave a helpful comment or feedback for posts with the relevant hashtags that appear on your feed. This enables you to interact with the community, while making your presence known to other users. Soon enough, you will build a relationship with the community and be regarded as an expert in your area of work. In turn, allowing you to get your photos noticed on Instagram.

If you’re searching for ideas to find your niche, check out our colored gel photography trend. Meanwhile, for contributors looking to get their photos noticed on 123RF, be sure to read this comprehensive keywording guide for photos and vectors.


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