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The Pixar Way Of Using Music In Sad Film Scenes

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Ever felt a loss so great or watched a movie so touching that you can’t help but shed a few tears?

It’s normal, everyone has encountered this at some point in their lives. According to a study in Belgium, sadness is a the longest lasting emotion that takes at least 120 hours to dissipate. So after taking the day off, ordering in, and watching the entire “Game of Thrones” series on Netflix, you still feel like crap. Sadness typically arise from events like death or injuries that carry strong emotional attachments so it’s no surprise that films cater towards this emotion to boost their ratings and retain viewership.

Pixar – a renowned computer animation film studio –  is a fine example of using this technique. Call it a play on emotions or just genius manipulation, emotional scenes are what they do well. This video by Youtube channel Sideways proves how it’s done, check it out:

If you noticed in the video, most of the time it’s the background music that evokes the emotions that you, as a creator or marketer, would want to achieve. Here are 6 types of down-in-the-dumps kinda tunes that you can bookmark and use in your next film-making foray!

  1. Sad Family Scenes

  2. Rivers & Tears

  3. The Mysterious Fog

  4. Child Of Hope

  5. Death Scenes

  6. Dead Shadow

  7. The Dark Flowers

  8. War Of The Immortals

  9. Farewell Scenes

  10. Farewell Marcus

  11. Breakup Love Scenes

  12. Last Glance

  13. Miserable Love

  14. Tragedy & Distress Scenes

  15. Homeland In Fire

  16. Sad Memories

  17. Anecdote

  18. Love Is

So inspired yet? Download these heart-tugging music now and magnify your content! If you have other favorites or movie suggestions with good tunes, comment below, please! =D

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