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The Earth Is Round (FREE Stock Photo included!)


You know that, it’s no secret. But what are we doing to keep it Clean, Green & maybe polished with a lil’ Sheen?


Now, don’t get me wrong here. I am no environmentalist or some tree-hugging guru but I do recycle as best I can, walk rather than drive, and avoid using plastic packaging like the plague. Not that the grass is a tad greener, nor the Earth noticeably cleaner (But it is, trust me!) but it gives me a sense of civic-mindedness that I am sure will make Mother Earth proud.

All this nature talk is no schtick. Just look at the increasing number of hybrid autos weaving in and out of highways, or the current fad in building “greener” homes powered with solar energy. That is all well and good (cue, applause) but all these do come at a hefty price tag.

We do things differently here, we make changes in our own little ways as a corporation. We collaborated with carbon-friendly organisations – CarbonFund  – in slowing climate changes. We became a Partner in Conservation with WWF and adopted 12 different animal species. There is no frills attached when it comes to caring for our environment, only true commitment. This also applies to the variety of quality content we disperse on our site daily.

So in respect of Earth Hour and the impending Earth Day celebrations, do take a little time out of your day to beautify our land whether it may be picking up that rubbish can or unplugging your electronics when unused. After all, the WHAT doesn’t matter, it’s the DO that matters.

Click here to see how 123RF is doing on the Corporate Social Responsibility front!

Download FREE stock photo here: (Valid till 4 April 2014)



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