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The Best Ways To Resize Photos For Instagram and Facebook

Sometimes, you need to make a quick social media photo, but you’re a little too strapped for time to run a Google search for the right dimensions. Or maybe you’re just lazy, like the rest of us, and that’s okay too. But hey, here’s how to get around that: You can start off by choosing from Pixlr X’s preset size selection to quickly create a new file.

Want to give that a go?

Check out my guide below to get a rough idea on how to resize photos based on the dimension options.

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Resize Photos For Facebook

Cover photo

Adding text to your cover photo? Choose a color that suits your background, or one that gels with your profile’s branding. In this case, I went with a bright blue from the preset colors available on the sidebar. If you intend to replicate the text effect exactly before tweaking your own, click on the photo below to zoom in further and see the text settings.

If you don’t like the preset colors, you can always change it via the swatch slider, or key in your own color hex code if you have one.

Profile photo

Squares are the way to go with Facebook’s profile sizes (but literally, all profile photos are usually squares now), and a good 360 by 360px is a perfect fit. Choose from the default preset available on Pixlr X’s ‘Create New’ section, or well, add your own equal size dimensions using the editable width and height tabs located on the far right of the page.

But there’s another way to get your own profile photo size without going through the available presets. This is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Drag and drop your desired photo into Pixlr X.

  2. Resize your square photo.

  3. Use the crop tool to fit your required dimensions.

  4. Move around the crop box to fit the part of the photo you want to see in the profile photo section.

If you don’t resize your photo before you make a crop for the exact profile photo dimensions, it’ll end up looking like this below:

Resize Photos For Instagram

Square Post

While you can also adjust your photo within the Instagram app, that’s not too much of a hassle. If your images are appearing very blurry on Instagram though, that means they’re much larger, high resolution images. You will want to resize them for the square 1080 by 1080px.

Simply select the 1080 by 1080px option on the Create New page presets and then drag and drop your photo of choice into the workspace.

Click on the Arrange tab on the left menu bar to enable dragging so you can adjust your photo however you want it to appear on your Instagram feed.


Select the desired size in the ready presets available on the Create New page, then drag and drop your photo into Pixlr X’s work area.

Pixlr X will automatically insert your image into the preset size, but if you need to adjust it to a selected area of your choice, you still can. You just need to do that manually through the Arrange button on the left menu bar.

Check out the screenshot below as your guide to make manual adjustments. Let’s say I want to get the little girl directly in the middle of the size constraints, since the drag and drop didn’t actually place her directly in the center. The blue arrows indicate that you can slide your photo left or right in order to get that perfect center shot.

However, let’s say your image format is something other than JPG or PNG, perhaps an EPS file format. You might want to check out how to edit EPS files here. Resize photos for your social media posts quickly and easily with Pixlr X today.

Photos by Alena Ozerova, 123RF.

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