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The Best Way To Leverage Existing Ad Campaigns

When your existing marketing campaign is successful, there’s no need to stop right there and leave it as is. What you probably should be doing is maximizing your marketing efforts where you can. We’re going to show you how exactly you can reuse ad campaigns by simply changing the photos you use. This saves your business money, time, and additional effort by a creative and advertising team.

Repost Successful Campaigns Across Multiple Channels

You’re on the hunt for a solution to get that message across by tapping into different audiences in multiple channels. So, if one of your campaigns was a success, then you know what’s working for your brand. Now, how do you get around to repurposing them across different channels? You’ll want to pick a campaign that has been performing the best amongst others, because it’s already been a successful one. You don’t need to make many tweaks to it, just appropriate ones to suit each multi-channel you are adding this campaign to. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So in this sense, you’ll be using a smarter approach to squeeze more out of your successful campaign. Here’s exactly how you can make that work for you.

Make Use of Different Images

Let’s say you had a digital marketing campaign that was a success. It brought in leads, traffic generation, and had an overall amazing performance on your brand’s revenue. That’s great news – but does your campaign feel stale now that it’s been a success for a while? All you need to do is change those images used in your campaign previously so that it looks refreshed. Switch things up by using different photos, for example, if your current campaign is using a shot of objects only, try one with people in it. This is one of the best ways to supercharge your successful campaign without altering too much of the original.

You don’t need to spend a lot to get the images that you need. That’s why we’re offering a simple buy-as-you-use deal with 123RF credits. You can use these credits as you like without having to commit to a monthly subscription. In short – pay only for what you really need. At 123RF, flexibility is the most important thing our users look for, and we aim to cater to that.

Photos For Zero Waste Campaigns

Zero-waste, eco-friendly, environmentally saving ad campaigns have been a rising trend we can’t ignore. If your campaign is of similar context, look no further than the collection in our library.

Zero waste image collection by Natalia Deriabina, 123RF.

Reusable eco-friendly image collection by sonjachnyj, 123RF.

Key in environmental + friendly for accurate image results in our 123RF search bar.

Photos For Lifestyle Targeted Campaigns

If lifestyle shots are part of your image requirement, these photographer portfolios have a broad range for you to choose from. Whether it is fitness, everyday life moments, ideal family settings, or individuals going about their daily routine, you will be sure to discover perfect shots to leverage existing ad campaigns.

Modern lifestyle image collection by Konstantin Pelikh, 123RF.

Stunning trendy lifestyle shots by ammentorp, 123RF.

Everyday lifestyles are captured with brilliant filters by langstrup, 123RF.

Photos For Minimalist Themed Campaigns

Whether it’s mockup designs, furniture, living spaces, or bright, eye-catching minimalist photography in general, you’ll be sure to find a massive selection within our library. Repurposing your videos is also a quick and effective way to get an easy refresh on your brand’s ad campaign. Slip some photos in and add video effects to give it some animation and you are good to go.

Finding photos to reuse your ad campaigns have never been easier. Key in minimalism into our 123RF search bar and narrow down your search with your desired selection.

Look no further than Katarzyna Białasiewicz on 123RF for stunning minimalist spaces. Leverage existing ad campaigns with all of these images and more on 123RF. Click the following links if you’re interested in increasing customer personalization for your brand, and how to reach more audience niches on Instagram.

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