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Summer Dreamin’


Ahh, summer...the best time of the year. The last days of warmth and sunshine are near so forget about work, step outdoors and explore life to the fullest! <cue music track: Calvin Harris – Summer>

So, what’s your favorite summer indulgence? Here’s our bucket list!

1. Camp out in the wilderness – hello world!

2. Make record-breaking giant bubbles.

3. It’s a road trip! North, South, East, West – here we come!

4. Beach the day away #like a boss.

5. Make homemade popsicles with happy juice.

6. Yoga on the rocks – that’s for you to find out!

7. Get a real tan this time – no fake.

8. Swim with whale sharks.

9. Color your hair silly – go rainbow!

10. Bonfires, or it’s nothing at all!

11. Sleep under the stars, even if there are none.

12. Make that…*ahem* summer drink and be oh-so merry!

13. Ride that big sexy wave. (no pun intended)

14. Lose the clothes, go skinny dipping!

15. Free hugs for all – size does not matter!

16. Trampolining till our legs give way.

17. Fire the grill away – cook everything under the sun.

18. Party from dusk till dawn. Repeat.

19. Music festivals – rock it, yo!

20. Make new friends, maybe fall in love too!

Make summer count today and start ticking off some your favorite activities of the season!

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