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Structure Your Brand’s Digital Content With Images

An image speaks a thousand words, as the famous cliché goes, but it rings true, especially when it comes to digital marketing. With the average consumer’s attention span spanning less than 2.5 seconds per image as they scroll, it’s no wonder visuals are a highly used, powerful marketing tool for promoting content. It gets boring to read chunks of text without any images to add a visual boost to any paragraph. It’s always good to build your digital content with images, whether it’s for social media, websites or advertisements. Pictures are perfect for grabbing attention, sparking curiosity, and breaking down chunky information into bite-sized, concise pieces.

Images For Content Creation

Infographic design by Mats-Peter Forss.

Designed by Chalermsuk Bootvises.

Explaining tough concepts or inspiring ideas? To prove a point or beef up your articles and posts with additional information, you can use a wide range of visuals, from infographics, memes, and even screenshots. Memes give your audience a chance to relate to you and your brand’s voice. And whether it’s to explain a procedure or displaying charts and statistics, adding screenshots to your content can help illustrate your desired points better. For driving a point in, use a simple image with a quote on it in legible text. Identical to students learning with the help of images in textbooks, visuals like these help your audience retain information better.

Content For Social Media or Websites

Banner design by hstrongart.

Not everyone enjoys reading blocks of text, especially while scrolling through their social feed. With less than 2 seconds to capture your desired audience’s attention, using images or illustrations to boost your content is key. If you’re promoting a limited time sale, get a graphic designer to create eye catching visuals for your brand’s social media accounts. Figure out whether you need vertical images to suit a mobile shopping platform or horizontal ones for designing great landing pages. If you’re a business owner just starting out with a new website, you might need images to help your customers visualize product explanations. Vector illustrations can showcase easy, comprehensive information in a bite-sized fashion.

Images for Strategic Ad Placements

Banner designs by hstrongart.

Creating advertisements about your brand, whether it’s for awareness or promoting a product? Grabbing attention, keeping eyeballs on your ad, and fostering a sense of urgency relies heavily on using the right visuals. Digital content with images for web banners that have attractive colors and appealing designs that are easy on the eye can make or break a potential customer’s decision to click and make a purchase.

When it comes to structuring your brand’s digital content, you’ll benefit from marketing visuals that pop. Next up, discover five ways to create great visual content that works for your brand.

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