Requirements for a Model and Property Release

Filling up the Model Release & Property Release is pretty self explanatory, but here is our guide on how to go about that.

Note: If you are living in a country that does not use English as its primary language, you may translate the Release(s) into the native language and use it accordingly in the same capacity. Don’t worry, we accept Model Releases in other languages too! If you have your content already submitted to other stock libraries online, we also accept copies of the existing release.

Model Release for Minors:

For models BELOW 18 years of age (BELOW 21 years of age in certain countries)

When shooting models below the age limit, you are required to obtain signatures from the parent or legal guardian of the model.

Click here to download the Model Release form.

Click here to download the Property Release form.

How to Fill in the Releases

You can use the same model release form for both adults and minors. For minors, you’ll need their parent/guardian’s signature to provide stock photo consent. Please refer to the image guides below on how to fill in model releases for models.

Model Release Guide For Adults

Model Release Guide For Minors

Filling in the Property Release

Property Releases ensures that the photographs of properties taken by the photographer (you) are given the permission to be published online. You will be required to attach Property Release to artwork done by yourself using Traditional Media (watercolor, oil on canvas etc).

Property Release Guide

Property Release Guide (Artwork)


  1. Physical copies of the Model Releases & Property Releases can be filled in via handwriting, and must be scanned in an Upright Horizontal position. (if you do not own a scanner, you are allowed to snap a photo of the Model Release in the same manner – the information written must be clear and readable on the image)

  2. Photographer’s / Model’s / Property’s information on Model Releases can also be filled in via computer software programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Paint but signatures of both photographer and model must be via handwriting.

  3. Releases are accepted in JPG or PDF formats only.

Uploading Your Releases for Your Images

  1. Go to the Contributor’s Dashboard , it is located at the footer of the site.

  1. Click on Upload Release

  1. You will now see the list of Release(s) in the Manage Release page.

Attaching Your Releases to Your Images

Photos that contain model(s) and photographed at locations that require special permission will require both Model Release and Property Release to be attached.

  1. Select the release(s) and click Attach Multiple Releases

  1. Select the checkbox of the Photo(s) which is required to be attached with Release(s). Then click Attach

  1. Once the release(s) attached, an icon will be shown on top of the thumbnail(s). To Detach the release from these image(s), simply click on the icon.

  1. To check which photo has been attached with the release, simply go to the Manage Releases page again and you will see the number of photos attached with the release(s).

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