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Our Expert Guide to Lifestyle Trends in 2019

Keen to figure out the secrets to a better you and lifestyle trends in 2019?

From wellness wealth to micro home designs and gender neutral spaces to 3D tech apparels, we give you the low-down on the hottest lifestyle trends in 2019. Read on and find out how to convince your boss to pay for your nap on an infrared bed, in a bid to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Fitness and wellness: Feeling your best at home  

Our Expert Guide to Lifestyle Trends in 2019 123RF Blog - Woman working out at the gym

Fitness is set to become more ‘portable’ in 2019.

In 2019, the wellness industry is all about recovering at home. Wellness is expected to become more accessible, with high tech gadgets set to take over the muscle recovery regime. According to mindbodygreen, 2018 witness the popularity of the TheraGun. After all, it it’s good enough for Michael Phelps, then who are we to disagree. These portable gadgets are expected to be fully integrated into our daily lives. Therefore, products like infrared light beds are expected to invade our homes.

 Our Expert Guide to Lifestyle Trends in 2019 123RF Blog - Mortar with rose buds and essential roses oil

Recovery regimes are set to to dominate the fitness industry.

For serial fitness enthusiasts, trips to dedicated recovery centers like Manhattan’s Tune Studio will become a norm. Dubbed the ‘Human Refueling Station’, this center combines sound and vibration to recharge your mind and body, all while taking a 15 minute siesta. Additionally, lifestyle trends for 2019 also sees a change in the way we exercise. Although recovery systems are one of the hottest trends, none of it would be useful without firstly, working out. The HIIT will continue to take over the fitness industry,as workouts become quicker and more intense.  

Interior design: Re-shaping gender neutral spaces 

Our Expert Guide to Lifestyle Trends in 2019 123RF Blog - Modern apartment interior design

White walls will continue to be in trend for 2019’s interior design industry.

Interior design is also set to play a huge role in our lives. Contrary to popular belief, this concept is not merely limited to our houses. Interior design can and will be a major influence in the design of offices, shops, restaurants, bars, cinemas and even malls. Lifestyle trends in 2019 sees a rise in gender neutral spaces. Therefore, greatly influencing the design aspects of a particular place. Malls have begun to embrace this trend with the opening of gender neutral toilets and Yorkdale Shopping Centre is the latest Canadian mall to welcome this change.

Our Expert Guide to Lifestyle Trends in 2019 123RF Blog - Modern wooden wall with metal decor

Metal based decor will be hugely in trend for 2019.

Additionally, bachelor pads are no longer the name of the game and neither does a navy painted feature wall only apply to the male species. Speaking of colors, Elle Decor pick out predominantly white rooms with a bold but small burst of colors to be the biggest highlights for the upcoming year. Also, natural toned walls like stone-grey hues are great picks for 2019. This goes in hand with metal based decorations like lamps and tables.

Micro homes – A home on the go

Our Expert Guide to Lifestyle Trends in 2019 123RF Blog - Micro home design

Micro homes are both stylish and modern, while offering an insight into our future lives.

Micro homes have been around for a while now. It’s a great way to meet the growing demands of the urban society, while expertly managing space and raw materials. 2019’s lifestyle trends sees the rise of homes that can be legally towed. Think of this as a campervan, but bigger. The Devasa is a prime example of this. The adjustable roof allows it to be legally towed when its lowered, while providing plenty of headspace when its parked. This micro home fits a living room, kitchen, bathroom and two room upstairs.

Other popular features includes micro homes fitted with elevator beds. This in turn, frees up space for a bigger living room. Meanwhile, slide off roofs are a unique addition in micro homes built for weekend retreats. Imagine waking up to the light sea breeze, the sounds of the wave crashing and the sun gently kissing your cheeks, all at the comfort of your bed – such are the possibilities of a retractable roof.  

Wearable and trending tech – 3D on the rise

Our Expert Guide to Lifestyle Trends in 2019 123RF Blog - 3D shoe design

The integration of 3D design and printing is set to alter the apparel industry.

2018 saw the rise of the Apple Watch. The jury may still be out on its value and design. However, Fitbit and Apple are well on the way to lead a resurgence. In 2015, the ratio of smartphones to smart watches were 500 to 1. In 2020, the number is expected to significantly drop to 20 to 1. This alone is a massive milestone. The rise of smartwatches and fitness trackers have and more importantly, will continue to spearhead the popularity of wearable technology.

In addition to that, 3D is also set to take over the apparel industry. This is because, 3D allows for maximum customization, an essential aspect in a world that is fast becoming increasingly important to stand out. Therefore, Adidas has begun its partnership with Carbon in a bid to bring 3D printing to the masses. And the Futurecarft 4D is set to be one of the hottest kicks for 2019, especially with its black collection.  

2019’s lifestyle trends sees a rise in products and services which lead to a better and productive life. For us, we’re looking forward to experience Tune Studio’s ability to recharge our bodies while we hit snooze. Until then, catch up on our 2019 travel trends for industry insights on destinations to hit for the upcoming year.

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