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Our Expert Guide on Travel Trends for 2019

What tops your travel bucket list for 2019?

Most of us have a pretty clear idea on our top travel destinations for the next year. However, our travel trends for 2019 highlights that simply wanting to go on a holiday will no longer be the driving reason to leave the comfort of home. As we become more conscious of our surroundings, we slowly start to change the way we travel.

From classic picks to new additions, here’s our top travel trends for 2019. Find out how this changes the game for travelers, travel agencies, hoteliers and anyone else related to this ever growing industry.  

The Classic Travel Trends for 2019

1. Go green or go home

Our Expert Guide on Travel Trends for 2019 123RF Blog - Boat on a river in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered one of the best ecotourism destinations.

This is right on top of our list for a good reason. The green travel trend for 2019 is here to stay, and that too for a long time. With the world constantly at risk of climate change, conservation efforts are always a must. We’ve already seen Thailand and Philippines temporarily close popular islands like Maya Bay and Boracay. This was done in a bid to let it recover from mass tourism. And since the allure of kayaking amid limestone cliffs and snorkeling in the world’s clearest waters are always a big hit, ecotourism ventures will always be an integral part of the yearly travel agendas.

2. A cause for celebration

Our Expert Guide on Travel Trends for 2019 123RF Blog - Happy couple at a waterfall in Bali

With wonders like these, it’s little surprise that Bali is a top destination for couples on a honeymoon.

Travel trends for 2019 will also include destination-specific holidays to celebrate special occasions. This involves wedding anniversaries, honeymoons and birthday-themed travel ideas. This is rather unsurprising, as the human connection of travel has never been in doubt. Deep inside any solo backpacker, is an occasional small cry to have a friend or family along. As independent as we may think we are, we’re always bounded by connections. Hence, this is where a partner, friend or sibling plays his/her role in our lives. And what better excuse to travel the world than a memorable celebration. Because after all, every Thelma needs a Louise and every Monsieur Gustave cries for a hero like Zero.  

3. Niche experiences

Our Expert Guide on Travel Trends for 2019 123RF Blog - Traditional stilt fishermen in Sri Lanka

Traditional stilt fishermen in Sri Lanka are part of a unique charm.

The road less traveled concept is here to stay. And it’s easy to see why. The charm of exploring the unknown will always entice any traveler’s thirst for curiosity. Likewise, countries like Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka and Jordan have all made their way into Lonely Planet’s hot picks for the next year. So what sets them apart from the rest, you ask? Rewind 10 years, and all these countries were undoubtedly overshadowed by their more popular neighbors. Because for the average traveler in the early 2000s, it’ll be difficult to overlook Russia, India and Israel, as compared to their lesser known counterparts. In recent times though, the way we travel has changed. Therefore, giving birth to the unexplored and the unknown. 

The New Travel Trends for 2019

4. Globe-trotting for a good cause

Our Expert Guide on Travel Trends for 2019 123RF Blog - Amsterdam Gay Pride in Holland.

The Amsterdam Pride is a great way to experience the best of Holland. Image via Anne Jose Kan@123RF.

Travel trends for 2019 sees the rise of conscious travel. People are becoming more aware of the social issues at hand. And’s survey backs this up. Almost half of the participating travelers have admitted to relying on social causes like Pride events when deciding on possible travel destinations. Conservation efforts similar to the one in the wild Okavango Delta, is also capable of swaying the new breed of globe-trotters. Additionally, safety concern is another major factor in choosing a getaway. Therefore, the rise of solo women travel bloggers and travel based LGBT websites are here to address this need.  

5. The world at your fingertips

Our Expert Guide on Travel Trends for 2019 123RF Blog - Planning a holiday with the world map

Simplicity is one of the biggest travel trends of 2019.

Going on a holiday is all about having it easy. Travelers are always on the lookout for a seamless booking experience. Think of it as a one-stop-center. Therefore, airlines, hotels and car rental companies will have their work cut out to provide these services, all together. In a bid to keep it simple, technologies like AI will be essential to provide travelers with travel suggestions. Meanwhile, virtual reality tours will be vital to help people familiarize themselves with a new place. Hence, if local travel agents are looking to remain in the industry, this is an opportunity worth exploiting and a key feature in our 2019 travel trends.

6. The tech savvy traveler

Our Expert Guide on Travel Trends for 2019 123RF Blog - Trendy male traveler looking at his phone.

New technologies are set to alter the way we travel.

With AI and VR set to massively change travel trends for 2019, it’s time for travelers to keep up for the best experience. The Apple Watch can be used to store and scan boarding passes. Meanwhile, Mont Blanc’s smartwatch enables travelers to order coffee in Japanese and book a train ticket in Italian. Additionally, ProConnected, a smart suitcase by Incase, comes with powerful charging trays for your MacBook and extra ports for mobile devices. Most importantly, its TSA approved. Hence, the ProConnected ensures travelers remain connected in a seemingly disconnected world.

Finally, for anyone in search of more holiday inspiration and travel trends for 2019, read up on our weekly expert travel guides. Furthermore, if you’re in need of an excuse to head outside, check out how traveling boost creativity.   

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