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October Trending Topics: What Buyers Are Looking For

What are the trending topics people are looking for this month in 123RF’s library? Whether you are a photographer or digital artist, your work can help thousands of content creators out there with their creations. If you are new to our platform, click here to learn how you can earn money from your photos or digital art. Discover the most requested October trending topics for content on 123RF down below.

Currency Exchange and Economy

Various currencies shot by Samransak Lomlim.

With the current times undergoing a major shift, images related to currency exchanges and the global economy are highly sought after. According to Investopedia, when currencies fluctuate wildly, they can create economic uncertainty and instability, affecting capital flows and international trade. Submit your creative works related to this rising global theme.

Second Wave of Pandemic

We need more images to portray the constant hand washing, mask wearing, sanitizer-toting days, which seem to be returning in many densely-packed countries. Submit your creative ideas in the form of photos or illustrations. If you can think of different ideas to portray fitness in these uncertain times, by all means we welcome your creative submissions to our library.

Education in “New Normal” Environment

Schoolchildren returning from school by Marian Vejcik.

Plenty of social distancing methods have been evolving with new technology that has been put into place for many schools worldwide. Chromebooks and study tablets are being swept off shelves in lieu of student discounts and school program deals. What are the ways you can think of to produce content related to education under this new normal?

Renovations of Houses and Offices

Remodeling and renovation concept shot by Tatiana Chekryzhova.

So the pandemic has pushed certain industry sectors to boom – and one of them is home renovation. People are spending more on saunas, indoor gyms, pools, and even home work spaces, where they can relax or work from the comfort of their own home. Some offices are taking advantage of employee remote work to remodel their interiors without disturbing their staff. Whether your creative forte lies in producing creative concepts via photography, or digitally illustrating your ideas, we always look forward to your submissions.

And that’s basically the gist of what we have for October trending topics. We always look forward to your artistic creations! Submit your creative work and earn passive income by beefing up your portfolio in our library. Share your portfolio on your social media accounts to pull traffic in! Completely new to 123RF? Explore our guides on how to get started as a creative contributor.

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