Moderation Is Overrated (FREE Stock Photo Included!)



You have made New Year resolutions. You believe moderation is the key towards living a healthy lifestyle. Well, maybe you should rethink that last statement just a tad.

You see, there is a problem with how moderation is portrayed in our present day. While the word is used relentlessly, it also creates an illusion of achievement that we, as human beings crave for. Who wouldn’t WANT to practice moderation in our lives?

Truth is, I do believe that when it comes to health and fitness, moderation does play a crucial role (Sorry I sound like an oxymoron). But instead of harping on the word “moderation”, I practice making intelligent and informative CHOICES.

Our life is a pathway of choices, whether it is choosing dessert over a bowl of fruit, or to couch in front of the television over a run outdoors. Think of it as a skill-building foray. For example, see that ice cream sundae in front of you? One serving of that wouldn’t budge your scale numbers by much, but what if you consume it all the time without giving it a second thought? Then, your waistline will suffer for sure.

You, and you alone have the power to make smart, rational decisions, or emotionally-charged, ludicrous ones. So think of the bigger picture and choose wisely. The key here is building a habit that will lead you on the sunny life of moderation. Once you have developed making conscious choices, then you will be free of any welling guilt when you indulge.

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