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July Trending Topics: What Buyers Are Looking For

What is the trending topic people are looking for this month?

The Main July Trending Topic: Quarantine Summer

This is the big umbrella topic that sets the tone for the following requested content on 123RF’s library. Whether you are a photographer or digital artist, your work can help thousands of content creators out there with their creations in boosting health and safety awareness in light of this year’s Covid-19 outbreak. Discover our July trending topics and most requested content on 123RF down below.

New Normal

People all over the globe are still adjusting to the new normal that has taken place in our lives, such as never leaving the house with a mask on, washing our hands frequently, and breaking out the hand sanitizer whenever we touch exposed objects. Now, even entering any building requires a temperature check and several minutes of anxiety. The life we have lived before seems like a forgotten time, when we were free to exist without fear of contracting a virus. Images that portray this new normal remain the top searched content on 123RF trending in July.

Food Delivery

For those unable to cook in their living spaces, or simply lack the time or resources to rustle up meals, food delivery has always been the best viable option. Now, more than ever, the pandemic has forced us to re-evaluate the existence of food delivery services in our current time. We are definitely grateful for delivery service workers as they risk their health daily to deliver fresh, hot meals to our doorstep. Visuals that capture the essence of food delivery workers bringing smiles to customers’ faces with yummy deliveries are one of the most requested content, as well as photos of packaged, pre-cooked meals.


The major acceleration of e-commerce that has followed after the pandemic’s wake has brands everywhere taking the digital leap, if they haven’t already. With the impact of Covid-19 having a domino effect on how we shop, consumers have shifted their focus to the digital shopping avenue because of the convenience it offers. From grocery delivery to household services, the e-commerce universe has never looked more promising, with online shopping photography or vector graphics being the top searched on 123RF.

Social Distancing

The new norm, or as we like to call it, living life six feet apart, has us going about our daily routines with certain restrictions. Whilst highly necessary to avoid the spread of bacteria, consumers are slowly adjusting to this way of life, with eateries and public spaces placing marked areas with painter’s tape everywhere as guidelines. Images of people practicing social distancing in cafes, malls, stores and even in queues are among our library’s highly requested July trending topics.

Supporting Small Businesses

With consumers leaning towards purchasing from small businesses both online and offline, we see a global collective effort to support small businesses and keep livelihoods running. This small business theme is a prominent part of July trending topics. Everywhere, we see fast fashion business models and even large brands closing their doors as consumers gravitate away from their stores and wasteful industries. If you’re an artist or photographer, we would gladly accept your relevant submissions for July trending stock photos and vectors.

Consumers purchasing ethical products and organic materials are spinning us toward a pivotal moment in this era of sustainability. Content that centers around this theme of clean commerce is popular with clients of 123RF. Submit your creative work and earn passive income by beefing up your portfolio in our library. Share your portfolio on your social media accounts to pull traffic in! Completely new to 123RF? Explore our guides on how to get started as a creative contributor.

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