Illustrator: Create Your Own Easter Bunny Greeting Card!

Easter is just around the corner and if you’re planning to go frugal this season, this tutorial will teach you to create your own Easter bunny greeting cards using Adobe Illustrator. Learn to create a bunny rabbit using simple shapes – rectangles, ellipses and polygons, it’s easy and fun!

1. Background

Step 1

First, start up your Adobe Illustrator software and create a new document (600 px width, 600 px height). Using the Rectangle Tool (M) draw a square with a 600 px side and fill it with color (R=84 G=48 B=26). Then draw a rectangle (600 px height) and a small width. Set its color at R=53 G=27 B=13. Put the newly created dark brown narrow rectangle on the left side of the square. As shown below:


Step 2

Holding the Shift and Alt keys together, move the dark brown rectangle to the right. After that, simply click Control-D a few times to repeat your last movement. Make sure that the dark brown rectangle is selected, go to Select > Same > Fill color and Group them (right-click on the mouse > Group).


Step 3

Continue selecting all your dark brown rectangles, right-click on the mouse and select Transform > Rotate. A dialogue window will appear where you will need to type Angle 90 degrees and click Copy. Then, select everything you created (Control-A), go to the Align panel and press two buttons: Horizontal Align Center and Vertical Align Center. You should have this result:


Step 4

Now, select just the horizontal stripes, go to Appearance panel (Window > Appearance), click on the Opacity and select Screen from the drop-down menu.


Step 5

Creating the flower. Pick the Polygon Tool from the Toolbar and simply click on your artboard. In a new dialogue window select 10 sides and click Okay. Set its color at R=246 G=160 B=165. Keep it selected and go to Effect > Distort, Transform > Pucker and Bloat. In the Pucker and Bloat window move the slider to the right to create 90%. And click Okay. Then just add a yellow circle (R=242 G=235 B=70) to finish the flower. Group the whole flower (right-click on the mouse > Group).


Step 6

Now that you have got the flowers, Copy-paste them on the four corners of the square. The background is completed!


2. Bunny Head

Step 1

Using the Ellipse Tool (L), draw a circle with fill color R=223 G=220 B=197. Pick the Direct Selection Tool (A) and shift the left and right anchor point slightly down.


Step 2

Now the eyes. Draw one more ellipse using the Ellipse Tool (L) and set its color at R=38 G=28 B=2. Then using the Direct Selection Tool (A),  shift the left and right anchor point slightly down. Take the Convert Anchor Point Tool (Shift-C) and simply click on the top anchor point of the oval. Incline the created shape. Add a white circle – it’s the highlight of the eye. Select the whole eye (inclined dark shape and white highlight), group it (right-click on the mouse > Group) and make a reflection. For the reflection you need to keep the whole eye selected and right-click on your mouse again. Then select Transform > Reflect. In a new window, select the Vertical axis of reflection, Angle it 90 degrees and press Copy. However, you need to remember that a highlight for both eyes must be placed on the same side.


Step 3

Next is the nose. This is easier than the eyes, don’t worry=) Draw one horizontal ellipse (color R=246 G=160 B=165). Select the Convert Anchor Point Tool (Shift-C) and click on the bottom anchor point of the ellipse. Create another one using copy-paste and make the fill color lighter (R=249 G=175 B=182).


Step 4

Put the eyes and the nose on the face you completed in Step 1. Almost there…


Step 5

Finally the ears. Create an ellipse using the Ellipse Tool (L) and set its color at R=223 G=220 B=197. Then, using the Direct Selection Tool (A), shift the left and right anchor point down. Copy-paste the created shape, make it smaller and change the fill color to R=246 G=160 B=165.


Step 6

Group the whole ear and place it on the head of the bunny. Keep selected the ear and right-click on the mouse, then select Transform > Reflect and in the appeared window choose Vertical, 90 degrees and press Copy. Now you have two ears and a cute bunny coming right up!


3. The body

Step 1

Now comes the bunny’s body. First, make a tail with fill color R=234 G=231 B=215. Then create the bottom part of the bunny (R=223 G=220 B=197). I’m sure you know how to do it at this stage!


Step 2

Place the tail on the body. To put the tail behind the body, you need to select the tail and right-click on the mouse > Arrange > Send Backward.


4. The back paws

Step 1

Create an ellipse (R=234 G=231 B=215). Using the Direct Selection Tool (A), move the guides to create a paw-shaped figure. Create a copy of this shape (copy-paste), make it smaller and change the fill to R=246 G=160 B=165.


Step 2

Create two paws using vertical reflection and put them on the body.


5. The front paws

Draw an ellipse with a fill color of R=234 G=231 B=215.


6. Put the bunny together

Now comes the fun part! To turn the head of the bunny upside down, select it (the whole head has to be grouped), right-click on your mouse > Transform > Reflect. In a dialogue window, choose Horizontal reflection and press Okay.


7. The ribbon

Step 1

First, create two circles in different sizes (R=246 G=160 B=165), select them, then go to the Pathfinder panel and press Exclude button. After that using the Rectangle Tool (M) draw a rectangle (600 px width) and set its color at R=250 G=199 B=199. Place the created circle under the light pink rectangle (right-click on the mouse > Arrange > Send Backward). Keeping the circle selected, hold together the Shift and Alt keys and move it to the right. Then simply press Control-D to repeat your last movement.

Select all created circles, right-click on the mouse > Transform > Reflect. Choose Horizontal reflection and press Copy. Shift them down.


Step 2

Now Create two eggs: a yellow (R=242 G=235 B=70) and a green (R=176 G=188 B=34). Put them together as shown in the image below.


Step 3

Place the eggs on the ribbon. Choose your favorite font and type “Happy Easter” or any greetings of your choice. Be creative!


8. Complete The Picture

Lastly, place the ribbon on the background and hang the bunny up on the ribbon. Remember to put the paws over the ribbon so it looks cuter.


That’s it, pat yourselves on the back, everyone! You deserve it! Just print out this lovely picture and it can be used as a greeting card, party invites or even a family album cover!

Happy Easter!

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