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How To Use 123RF Calendar Tool Social Media Content Creation and Planning

Whether you’re a social media manager, content creator, marketer, or a business owner, it’s almost a must to create content for your social media channels on a daily basis.

But with so much going on in the world, keeping track of global social media holidays can be overwhelming. That’s where social media calendars come in handy.

Our Calendar tool is a free, online tool that lists all the national social media holidays that you might want to create content for. It’s super easy and intuitive to use!

How is a Calendar tool useful?

It’s truly a timesaver – you’ll never go back to manually searching for events every month because everything is already right there at your fingertips!

With our Calendar, you can efficiently and effortlessly plan and organize your content way ahead of the actual holiday.

Not only does it help you stay on top of all the popular social media holidays, it also has the wackiest social media holidays.

Each holiday listing also has useful and detailed information about the holiday such as its celebrating countries, relevant hashtags, relevant stock images, and design templates ready for social media.

How can I access the Calendar tool?

You can either access the Calendar Tool from the 123RF website, click on the ‘Tools’ tab on the top menu bar. It will take you to our list of all our Tools.

Scroll until you see ‘Calendar’, then click on that.

Or you can also click on this link to access the Calendar Tool.

Once you arrive at the Calendar Tool, look for the yellow ‘Start Now’ button.

Click on it to begin browsing.

Browse by day or month

On the Calendar page, the first holiday you’ll see is the holiday that is happening today. If there are no holidays today, it will state that “there are no events happening today”.

You can toggle the calendar widget on the right to look for specific dates and months.

You can also click on ‘List View’ or ‘Month View’ which can give you a better idea of how you can plan your content.

List View

List View

Month View

Month View

Each holiday has a summary of what the holiday is about, as well as a curated set of relevant stock images and vectors, to make your content planning more efficient.

For example, the social media holiday for World Wildlife Day falls on March 3rd. The short explanation behind the event goes on to explain its significance and why it’s important.

Download the images to go with your social media content

Every holiday has a gallery of relevant stock images or vectors.

Using the same example of World Wildlife Day, photos and vectors that might help you in your content creation and planning for the holiday could be high-quality images of animals in the wild, macro shots of spiders, etc.

You can also use the search bar or filters to narrow down any specific style of image that you want.

If you find any great stock photos or vectors that would go perfectly with the content you have in mind, you can download them by clicking on the ‘Download’ button.

Start exploring our Calendar tool now!

Now that you understand the benefits of using a social media calendar tool, try out our Calendar tool at 123RF to help you plan out your content.

Here’s to more efficient and organized content planning!

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