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How To Find Amazing Stock Photos for Father’s Day

Whether you’re making a Father’s Day greeting card, creating a social media campaign for Father’s Day, giving a shout out to all the fathers in the company, a promotional banner for a Father’s Day sale, or blasting email newsletters, you’ll need some stock photos to make it engaging and bring it to life.

There are a ton of stock photos on 123RF. If you search the keywords “Fathers Day” on our search bar, you’ll find more than 200 thousand search results images. That’s a lot of images! To streamline your search, use the right keywords. Without using the right keywords, you would never find the best stock images.

We’ve curated five great tips and tricks on how you can find amazing non-generic stock images for Father’s Day:


A father is a guiding light whose love shows us the way, not an anchor to hold us back or sail to transport us there. With this soul-nourishing compilation, we recognise the labour, generosity, and unconditional love that father’s all across the world are always ready to contribute:


Diverse ethnicities

Pregnant Muslim Woman In Hijab And Her Husband Looking At Baby Sonogram Picture While Relaxing At Home, Loving Islamic Family Holding Ultrasound Scan And Smiling, Enjoying Future Parenthood

With more than 70 million fathers across the world, we can’t afford to ignore the diversity that fathers come in. As content creators and marketers, we have a great responsibility and the opportunity to make them feel represented. Use our search filters and keywords to find photos that best visually represent the unique array of individuals that call themselves dads.

Some keywords you can try are:

  1. Father + Asian

  2. Father + Indian

  3. Father + Muslim

  4. Father + to be

LGBTQ+ community

If your social campaign for Fathers Day only has visuals of heterosexual families, it’s not very reflective of society, and you would be ignoring a significant portion of the population. For instance, more than three million children in the United States are raised by same-sex couples, and there simply isn’t enough content to accurately represent that community of people.

In a sea of content that predominantly advertises heterosexual families, let’s make it a point to celebrate the underrepresented LGBTQ+ community. Putting the keywords “same-sex male couple” or “gay dads” would be able to get you some great results.

Young fathers and aging fathers

Fathers Day is an excellent opportunity for generations of fathers to come together and celebrate the honor. Grandfather’s Day isn’t as popular of a celebration, but when sons grow up to be fathers, a whole generation of fathers become grandfathers. But they don’t stop being fathers just because their kids have started their own families, and that’s worth highlighting and celebrating.

Search for “father + son + grandfather” and perhaps include a specific activity to find great visuals.

Capture the connection

Fathers are more than just the disciplinarian and authoritative figures that are commonly shown in the media. When looking for stock photos, it’s easy to get bombarded with the generic images of fatherly figures looking strong and charismatic. Get more out of your search by using certain activities as keywords.

For example, try these keywords to get great visuals that show a deeper bond between a father and son:

  1. Father + baking

  2. Father + basketball

  3. Father + ballet

  4. Father + fishing

  5. Father + homework

  6. Father + cleaning

  7. Father + brushing teeth

This is especially useful if you’re creating content for a specific event or niche. Let’s say you’re creating marketing content for a fun cycling tour during Father’s Day. It’s much more relevant to search “father + son + cycling” instead of just “father” for more relevant results.

Breaking gender stereotypes

The world has slowly shifted away from the stereotypical dominant, angry father trope. Gender stereotypes are repeatedly broken, and the image of a ‘traditional’ father as the sole breadwinner is going out of style. In fact, many households are run by dedicated fathers as homemakers.

As much as being the main source of income, working the wrench on the broken sink or teaching your kids how to ride a bicycle, the activities typically considered more feminine like playing dress-up or having a tea party with your kids are equally as fatherly and deserve to be shown more.

Try using these keywords:

Father + daughter + dress up

Father + son + baking

Father + tea party

Happy Father’s Day to dads all over the world!


Looking to start a stellar Father’s Day social media marketing campaign? Here are five amazing Father’s Day social media templates and post ideas. Sometimes keywords aren’t enough to help your search for the perfect Father’s day photo, try out our reverse image search feature to ease the process!

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