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How to do a Spooky Halloween Home Decor

Want to get your hands on the coveted title of the neighborhood’s best decorated home? With the year’s spook fest around the corner, it is now time to consider a Halloween home decor inspiration. With kids also popping by for trick or treats, there is a major risk to stick out like a sore thumb if you choose not to decorate your home. Therefore, there is no reason to put the brakes on your creativity. So check out our ultimate Halloween home decor guide.

1. Scary Porch Decor Ideas

How to do a Spooky Halloween Home Decor 123RF Blog - Home Halloween decor at the porch

The pale color of the wall makes it a perfect fit for the colors of autumn and Halloween.

This is the most important bit of any Halloween home decor. Think of your porch as if it were a postcard for your home. If you fail to impress, don’t even expect anyone to glance towards your home. However, if you nail it, you’d be the talk of the neighborhood.

If you’re lost for inspiration on where to begin with decorating the porch, simply look out the window. The season offers a great inspiration. Fall is a beautiful time. More importantly, the colors of the leaves match the shades of a Halloween essential – pumpkins.

Use this to your advantage by getting the two elements to pair up, especially if your walls are painted in a neutral hue. The color contrast promises to be a real winner.

2. Pumpkin Garden Inspiration

How to do a Spooky Halloween Home Decor 123RF Blog - Pumpkin garden

Illuminated home garden path patio lights with halloween pumpkin lanterns

The good old pumpkin along the garden walkway does not disappoint. Throw in some garden lights and your backyard transforms into an Instagram hot spot. However, don’t just stop there. Take your Halloween home decor up a notch with cobwebs and spiders hanging from the garden fences and trees.

Some chili lights would be great too. For those looking to go the extra mile, consider a portable speaker. Turn on your favorite harrowing tunes as your guests walk through the garden, leaving them both shocked and impressed.

3. Spooky Living Room Spiders

How to do a Spooky Halloween Home Decor - Pumpkin living room deco

Happy Halloween! Carving pumpkin on the table in the home.

Think of your living room as an exhibition. Here’s where your biggest canvas lies, and it’s completely yours to experiment with. Begin with decorating the furniture. Customized Halloween pillows are always a big hit. For perfectionists, consider wrapping the legs and arm rests of your sofas with some cotton to mirror a spider web.

How to do a Spooky Halloween Home Decor 123RF Blog - Bat vase

Halloween home decorations with spiders and pumpkin buckets for trick or treat.

Next, transform that display vase into a terrifying work of art. Swap out plants for old twigs and hang some cardboard bats from the ends. Also, fill empty corners in the living room with a display of pumpkins, witch hats, spiders and bats. Finally, turn the coffee table into a horror exhibition by replacing antiques for carved out oranges with a Joker-like smile.

4. Kitchen Makeovers

How to do a Spooky Halloween Home Decor 123RF Blog - Mom and daughter in kitchen

Kitchen decor ideas and costumes!

The kitchen is one of the best places for a Halloween home decor. As it is, the ‘weapons’ make this a spooky prospect. Think of all the knives and forks. The boiling hot water from the dispenser. The flames from the stove. It could be a set for Final Destination.

Here, it’s best to begin with the fool-proof decoration- candles. You can never have too many of them during Halloween. Especially if you’re looking to turn off the main lights, the candles ensures your house still has the spooks.

How to do a Spooky Halloween Home Decor 123RF Blog - Dining table Halloween home decor

Fold the napkins into the shape of a bat for the ultimate Halloween home decor.

It’s also never a bad idea to decorate the kitchen island with more pumpkins. It’s also a good idea to have some spiders on the cupboards. Additionally, serving cooked dishes from a carved out pumpkin is never a bad choice.

5. Bedroom Halloween Decor Ideas

How to do a Spooky Halloween Home Decor 123RF Blog - Halloween bedroom decor

Halloween inspired bed side lamps and pillows make great additions to kids bedrooms.

In a bid to leave no stone unturned, the bedroom should not be spared from a Halloween home decor. For the easiest makeover, swap out bright sheets for darker linen. A couple of spider-web like pillow sheets is another quick Halloween cheat sheet.

The bedside table is another canvas to take your Halloween home decor game up a notch. Some creepy candles and pumpkin inspired table lamps are surely the way to go.

Follow this Halloween home decor guide and we guarantee, you’d be the star of the neighborhood. For those looking to dive deeper into the spook feast, check out our 70 Halloween design inspirations. Alternatively, catch up on our guide to dark tourism travels around the globe, and indulge in this adventure like never before.

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