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How To Choose The Right Christmas Photo To Maximise Clicks

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! As marketers, content creators, and photographers, this might be the busiest time of the year. Year-end sales are at their peak as people work their way through their Christmas shopping lists.

Needless to say, you must ace your marketing campaigns for the season. With our help, you’ll be able to craft the perfect Christmas marketing campaign that can maximize the number of clicks. The higher the clicks, the better chances of conversion and sales. It’s the ideal way to end the year on a high note!

There are specific things to look out for that can help maximize the clicks on your website, check them out below:

1. The Colors of Christmas

Who decided that Christmas colors are only limited to green and red?

Historically, these colors are derived from the Celtic tradition of decorating their homes with evergreen plants like Holly, Ivy, and Mistletoe to brave the long winter snow and ring in the new year. Now, most people flock to these colors out of the association with Christmas.

This Christmas, take advantage of this set of formidable colors to invoke festive sentimentality and increase audience engagement.


It’s like white but more festive. Adding a touch of luxury, how can anyone resist the sparkly yet metallic color? Not only that, but it also brings out a vintage aesthetic and reminds us of the glistening snow as it falls…


One half of the classic Christmas color duo. The vibrant red is found on almost any Christmas decor — wreaths, ornaments, clothing, Santa Claus. Representing the bloodshed of Jesus Christ, red is one color that can’t go wrong this holiday season. Year after year, among the top-performing colors – one of them goes to red.


This is probably the color that you were least expecting. It’s extravagant, royal, calming. Its versatility rendered it one of the world’s favorite colors! The same versatility makes it highly appropriate for the jolly season. A blue color scheme blends modernity and tradition with a dash of spirituality. Mixed with some silver, and you’ll get yourself a luxurious holiday feel.

2. Under The Christmas Tree

It’s not Christmas until you see Christmas trees everywhere decked out in colorful ornaments, garlands, lights, and tree toppers. The tree is the first thing that catches one’s eye, so it should make a statement.

It only makes sense that advertisements featuring a Christmas tree are more likely to get a higher CTR, especially since it is the holiday season. So it’s only logical for your marketing campaigns to include an image featuring a Christmas tree, whether as the centerpiece or in the background.

3. Make it Meaningful

Smiling mother taking a selfie with her child at Christmas by evgenyatamanenko, 123RF.

Choose images that look authentic and convey meaning to build a connection between the brand and consumer. People can tell the difference between what’s artificial and what’s genuine. Be honest about your brand’s mission, use photographs that can help amplify the message, and things will fall in place!

Despite our efforts to project ourselves as perfect on the internet, we are only human. People are attracted to real stories, something they can relate to their own lives – however that may be.

4. Rustic Intimacy

The customers aren’t buying products; they’re buying the memories your product can help them create. So it’s important to select images that can tap into something deeper and make a lasting impression. 

Photos of socks seem to do very well on the charts regarding clickability. No surprise there! It’s our favorite way to spend a cold winter night, curled up in a ball at the fireplace, the crackling of the fire, feet warm and toasty, hot mug in one hand, book in another — coziness galore.

It reminds us of simpler days when a warm fireplace could make everything better, even during winter snowstorms.

5. An Inclusive, Multicultural Holiday

Christmas began as a religious festival celebrating the birth of Jesus. Over time, it has evolved into an annual celebration for Christians and non-Christians alike. Even in countries where other religions are more dominant, some choose to celebrate Christmas merely as a call for celebration with friends and family, exchange gifts and have a good meal together.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas the same way or even celebrates Christmas! To be more versatile and inclusive, choose to feature the images with trinkets and other decorations that other religions, ethnicities, and nationalities can relate to!

For example, using images that have neutral props like sparklers and fairy lights are great ways to still have that holiday joy – Christmas or not. This way, non-Christian customers would feel included in your marketing campaign and are more inclined to click on the campaign!

Set the tone for the new year

As the year closes to an end, December is the buffer month to get your goals and plans on track before the new year officially comes.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a well-established business, the holiday season is the prime time to engage with customers.

Customers love when they can see a company’s growth over the years, so remember customer loyalty and how to effectively communicate your goals and beliefs for the year ahead. Grab your grand ideas and make them happen! Make the most out of the month and end the year with a high. Start the new year with a bang!

We put together a jolly compilation of Christmas sounds and videos. Perfect for the festive season!


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