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How To Build Your Very Own 123RF Art-Robot – A Visual Guide

Creativity…a mosaic of ideas pacing around in an artist’s mind.

Have you ever experienced days when lightbulb moments are nonexistent or when you feel you’ve reached a mental block. We know how that feels, with 123RF being a creative outlet for innovative individuals like yourselves. But don’t worry, we are sending RF-Art to the rescue! We hope this creative buddy will inspire and refresh your ideas. But first, you gotta’ build this little guy yourself! And we have a step-by-step visual guide to show you how!

Easy peasy right? So how do you get your hands on your very own creative buddy? Well, we have the cutouts online, just print on a thicker piece of paper and cut along the lines! Have fun=)

So what “mischief” have you been up to with RF-Art? Here are our favorite moments with our creative buddy!





Share your creative buddy experience with us!

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