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How Digital Brands Can Create Personal Experiences With Tech

You may be wondering – what connects technology with e-commerce experiences? The answer is simple – online data. The big part of what people look for in digital brands is their DNA to take the connective database to recognize customers and effectively create a personalized experience, whether on website or email. More than ever, people now want a human touch – which is why brands that embrace humanity are able to create sought-after experiences that generates customer loyalty. However, not every brand is on board with personalized experiences just yet.

The problem, identified

Many brands find it difficult to deliver a digital experience that their customers want. Segmenting audiences by demographics is one thing, but being able to connect with an audience on a personal level is one of the key things marketers are hungry to adapt. When a brand understands their customer’s intent, the online buying experience can be adjusted to suit relevant needs.

Here’s the solution

There’s a wide gap between brands being able to bridge the disconnect between customer journeys and providing a personalized experience for customers. Brands need to start honing the ability to decide between pushing marketing campaigns and building a better relationship with customers as humans.

What this solution entails brands to differentiate:

  1. Identifying a user vs. understanding their intent

  2. Obtaining customers vs. rewarding already existing customer loyalty

  3. Distributing marketing messages vs. building loyal relationships

Experiment and analyze segment outcomes

How Digital Brands Can Create Personal Experiences With Tech - 123RF Blog

Image by Dmitrii Shironosov, 123RF.

Have their online shopping habits and purchasing cycles changed over time? Did their product interests shift? Has the brand’s ability to deliver what customers need shifted gears? Basically, digital brands need to interpret why a cluster of customers stopped visiting their sites, unsubscribed from an email, or unfollowed their social media accounts.

Now, brands can use this data to make smart measures and apply them by creating new segments of people who have stopped shopping or actively interacting with their brand. Make the effort and take the leap to really be able to individualize customer experiences at scale.

Creating people-based marketing experiences

For example, with digital commerce, surveys show that people could stop shopping on a brand’s website because of a bad website experience. Long checkout processes, slow support experiences or lack of product explanations – we can conclude from these that customer journeys are not linear. This is why customer personalization is so important, and why brands are increasingly looking for ways to create a better customer experience.

How Digital Brands Can Create Personal Experiences With Tech - 123RF Blog

Image by Katarzyna Białasiewicz, 123RF.

In truth, customers can have more than one digital shopping interest, for example:

Adam loves rock climbing, but he also loves searching for child-friendly recipes for his family. He also travels frequently for business.

A brand can learn from this to build campaigns and adjust them according to this data so they can offer a customer like Adam a more personalized experience to make a purchase intent happen. Even if the marketers behind the brand can’t fully know who exactly Adam is, they can tap into the things that he likes or the sort of products he already owns. This enables them to better target a more individualized experience for him.

While highly personalized, unique content can be created based on real-time data, now, artificial intelligent systems and machine learning can subtract a big chunk out of most marketers’ manual segmentation processes. Intelligent systems help brands by allowing large-scale algorithms to deliver targeted content to relevant customers.

Stitch customer profiles, their website interactions and online shopping data to create a cohesive strategy that builds better customer experiences. For visuals that can boost your brand’s marketing campaigns to higher levels, explore our library of content. And that’s basically how digital brands can create personal experiences with the current tech available for our generation.


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