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Halloween Special: 11 Steps To Photo Montaging

Photo montaging is all about combining a set of photos into one image while applying your creative ideas and graphics along the way to make the end effect more interesting. This tutorial will focus on creating a Halloween themed poster. This is how.

The basic tools used for montaging will be the Path Tool or Lasso Tool, which we will be using to edge out the objects involved and the Adjustment Layers tool to help adjust the lighting and color of all objects involved.

Step 1

Edge out all the objects involved and place them in your background image.

Image ID: 4387069 © Csaba Peterdi

Transform and Warp to fit the images into its right perspective and spot.

Bat Image ID: 546849 © ELEN

Jack o’ Lantern Image ID: 625038 © Ilyssa Tonnessen

Cat Image ID: 834342 © Joann Cooper

Screaming Man Image ID: 2282384 © Andrejs Pidjass

Lamp Image ID: 3190189 © Dmitry Knorre

Medieval girl Image ID: 3703615 © bcbg

Treasure Chest Image ID: 4020544 © Irina Tischenko

Zombie Image ID: 4174993 © Dmytro Konstantynov

Skeleton Image ID: 4924212 © Karen Keczmerski

Step 3 Edge out some tomatoes, Duplicate it, Transform and Warp it to fit the treasure box. Remember to adjust the color until it matches the background.

Tomatoes Image ID: 2921043 © Andrea Skjold

Ketchup Bottle Image ID: 3906984 © chode

Step 4 Bring in a ketchup bottle image next. Duplicate the Ketchup bottle and place it near the chest of tomatoes. Then, go Filter > Blur > add Motion Blur as below :

Next, Transform to make it bigger.

Brush the sparks on like this:

Step 7 Next, go to Filter > Liquify > Twrill to shape the streak of the bottle movement.

Change the 1st layer blending mode to Soft Light and duplicate the layer again. Set the blending mode to Color Burn Opacity: 50.

Step 9 Add glow around the ketchup bottle. Use the Lasso Tool to draw the shape and set Feather radius: 15 pixels. Set blending mode to Soft Light.

Step 10 Add mist to the image by using a low opacity Brush Tool.

Step 11 Add in your text and make the necessary color corrections to enhance the mood. There you have it, a simple Halloween poster for the upcoming celebration!

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