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Halloween Marketing Guide for 2020

The pandemic has put the brakes on many Halloween traditions. It hasn’t done much to dampen people’s enthusiasm for the holiday, however. So, there may not be as many outdoor parties, but families are still determined to celebrate Halloween while staying safe.

Party City found that 70% of parents have been searching for fun alternatives to trick or treating. Most consumers (68%) also reported they would be dressing up for neighborhood parades, and 63% are planning events at home. With those numbers, it’s safe to say that enthusiasm for Halloween is alive and well. However, the pandemic still has a firm grip on the nation. Some adjustments to your Halloween marketing strategy will be warranted.

Here are five Halloween marketing campaign ideas to get you started.

Decorate Your Website for Halloween 2020

There’s no doubt online sales are where most of the retail action will be taking place. You will want to prepare your website for Halloween traffic with online Halloween decorations. Upping the ante a little by switching up your website’s appearance can influence a product purchase. Animated GIFs from stock image sites will add some spooky interactive fun. Consequently, a few ghastly and ghostly backgrounds will help get your visitors in the buying mood. To sum it up, consumer psychology tells us that if your visitors are in a good mood (or like your website’s look and feel), they’re twice more likely to buy.

Once your website’s fright-worthy, don’t forget about your social media channels. Again, image libraries are an excellent resource for Halloween themed banners, headers, and backgrounds to suit various social media platforms.

Run Virtual Halloween Events

From the above statistics, we know that many families will be playing it super safe and enjoying Halloween at home. If your online business centers around lifestyle and household products, or even personalized gifts, refine your marketing this Halloween. There’s a possibility for a significant spike in demand for home and outdoor decorations. Your Halloween marketing 2020 campaign will benefit if you focus your efforts on windows, doors, and yard decorations. What if your business doesn’t relate to home decor? Getting your audience to engage with your brand using Halloween-themed user-generated content can work positively for your brand. Your brand can host micro costume contests, Zoom Halloween parties, or even virtual Halloween marathons for fitness enthusiasts. Make use of platforms like Houseparty, Zoom, and Google Meet. There are plenty of possibilities to try out if your marketing team can get creative.

Amplify your Halloween Marketing with Grab Bags

Traditional trick-or-treating now comes with unacceptable risks for sure. But, plenty of consumers are still planning to provide Halloween treats in a safe way. Grab bags of goodies will be left at the front door for friends and loved ones. The rise of contactless online delivery is definitely making it convenient for everyone to practice safe trick or treating. Similarly, you can use Halloween to show your customers that you appreciate their loyalty. In the same vein, you can do so just to remind them that your brand still exists. Create sets of grab bags and market these safe trick-or-treat alternatives to those who are determined to keep the traditions alive, even if it is on a smaller scale than usual.

Create A Halloween App

If you have an app development team, create a Halloween-themed app dedicated to your e-commerce business. Does your online business already have an app? Try changing the app theme to a Halloween one to keep on trend. For example, if you run a cosmetic-related business, get users to use your brand’s makeup and submit selfies on your app to win a prize this Halloween. Mars Wrigley is also determined to keep the trick-or-treat tradition alive with its upcoming Treat Town app, for instance. Users of the app get to trick or treat for “candy credits,” which they can redeem for real treats at retail outlets. It’s an innovative solution that keeps the spirit of Halloween alive.

Focus on Users That Create Content

In other words, many people will be staying home this year, but that doesn’t mean they want to skip Halloween altogether. Likewise, that means you will find tons of user-generated content can work well for your brand. If you’re in the right industry, your Halloween marketing 2020 campaigns could help people have an awesome Halloween at home. For example, pumpkin carving tools and ideas, candy making, and Halloween themed baked goods. Moreover, Halloween themed art projects and decor for parents would greatly benefit parents in a home-schooling environment.

Click the following link if you need some ideas on creating essential horror-approved spooky Halloween settings.

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