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Free Stock Photos Of Some Really Cute Dogs

Stock Photo - french bulldog dog with bunny easter ears and a pink tie,

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There is no one more passionate for the art of photography than Javier Brosch. Born in a Spanish-speaking nation amidst the beautiful surroundings of Canary Islands, there is never a lack of scenic spots for him to shoot in. However, this island boy was restless and couldn’t wait to spread his wings and explore the big, big world.

Stock Photo - dog surfing on a surfboard wearing sunglasses with a yellow plastic rubber duck,
Stock Photo - golden retriever dog in the water at the beach, relaxing and enjoying the sun,

And explore he did! Javier eventually landed a flight attendant job for a reputable German airline, providing him the opportunity to venture out to so many places that he had always dreamed of. And it was also during this time when digital photography became popular and he was able to reconnect with his passion for photo-taking.

Stock Photo - french bulldog dog lying on the grass with love , peace and harmony finger,

But how does he separate himself from mass photographers in this industry? All thanks to his dog, Chico, a loyal friend and the best “model” for his inspiration and creations. Displayed under Javier’s 123RF Contributor name damedeeso,  Chico fast became famous in a plethora of funny renditions of him exuding various roles with the right props, from a Italian wine connoisseur to a businessman on call.

Stock Photo - having breakfast in bed and reading the morning news
Stock Photo - dog with alarm clock and sleeping

Becoming even more well-known than his owner, Chico is stirring up some paparazzi of his own.  But he really is a down to earth little pup. On his off days, Chico can be seen running along Javier’s side up and down the Isar River.

“It’s simply the best!” so says this contributor whose works are sought after by many, including us.

Stock Photo - couple of dogs under white bed sheets with sleeping owner
Stock Photo - couple of dogs in love sleeping together under the blanket in bed


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