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Exploring Modern Workplace Design With Stock Photos

The U.S. celebrated Labor Day on September 2nd. However, how do we tackle workplace efficiency in today’s world? While the labor economy has been going on for a while, recent times have seen immense changes to the workforce. Therefore, take inspiration from these stock photos to help design your next workplace.

New essential amenities

Pantry? Check? Cafeteria? Check. Work desks? Check. What’s next? The previous workplace design featured these essential amenities. For today’s office scenario, companies and architects have to consider the modern work dynamics. Amenities like nap pods are gaining in momentum as employees seek more accessible downtime. Meanwhile, for larger corporations, it’s important to factor in other aspects of their work dynamics. It’s time to consider staff who are arriving after long haul flights and in need of some rest. Therefore, amenities like showers and changing rooms are swiftly on the rise.

Work from home

The past few years have witnessed a rapid rise in the freelance and work from home economy. Most talents nowadays are factoring in aspects like daily commute before making a decision on their job preferences. Coupled with the improvement of internet speed and accessibility, employers today are looking to downsize the office space, while also saving on rent. Therefore, architects need to consider these factors for their modern workplace designs.

Coworking spaces

The past few years have also seen a rapid rise in coworking spaces. With companies choosing to downsize, due to the demand for work from home and the rise of the freelance economy, organizations are inclining towards coworking spaces. This modern workplace design allows for better collaboration between employees, in a less intimidating settling. Additionally, the coworking space setting provides an excellent platform for networking, especially for freelance professionals.

Work life balance

Work life balance has transformed from a mere buzzword to one of the most important concepts for employees and employers. Therefore, this has forced companies to rethink their modern workplace design, in a bid to provide comfort to their employees.

One of the most effective ways to push for this, is to introduce lounge areas, where employees can go to enjoy a break. Additionally, some companies are taking a step further by doing their best to mimic the work from home feel by providing staff with ample personal space. This enables the employees to get as comfortable as possible and truly embrace the design and concept of their workplace.

In a nutshell, modern workplace designs are constantly evolving to bring out the best in employees. As lifestyle routines vary for each individual, companies out there have their work cut out to ensure they cater to these new age demands, or risk missing out to top talents.

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