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Exploring Inclusive Beauty With Hairstyles and Stock Photos

What does it mean to be beautiful? For a long time in the stock world, that meant being a young, male or female white person, with a body to die for. Today however, stock photos are beginning to make a change, for the better. Hence, welcoming the rise of inclusive beauty.

This theme revolves around disrupting the usual homogeneous media standards for beauty, as a sign of acceptance that the world is extremely diverse. Therefore, inspiring the media to push for a better representation of the world we live in, with hairstyles being one of the hottest topics.

Grow the fro

Embrace your curls.

The afro is an absolute showstopper of a hairstyle. Don’t believe us, check out what was trending back in the 1970’s!  With the help of a wide toothed comb, known as the afro pick, the time is now to flaunt your style. After all, straight hair all day can sometimes be plain, dull and boring!

Catching the cornrows wave

Unlike Kim K, its perfectly appropriate for her to wear this hairstyle.

Also known as braids, this is a traditional African style of grooming. Worn by both men and women, and adorned with little colorful beads, the cornrows are often favored for their low maintenance, as they can be left on for weeks, with proper hair care.

Grey hair don’t care

This is not an insurance ad.

The media has often overlooked the senior community, except for when it comes to selling insurance products. And grey hair has constantly been shunned, as only old people seem to be rocking it. Well, guess what? You’re wrong! Over the past two years, grey hair is making waves in the fashion industry, as even teens and celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon. Doubt us? Go check out the amount of silver foxes there are on Instagram. You’d be surprised.

Bald and beautiful

Could this be George Clooney’s twin?

Hair loss is a serious issue. Most people shy away from engaging in this discourse as the loss of hair is often seen as damaging to their self esteem, as your hair really is your crown. Therefore, it’s time to embrace the inevitable, and be your best stylish self.

For more hair inspiration, check out this likebox for fantastic options. Also, read up on our women in stock images piece and learn how the inclusive beauty trend is here to stay.  

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