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Explore 80s and 90s Grunge Themed Textures And Fonts

Grunge textures. Relive those angst-filled days infused with the introspective, where you bobbed your head along to Dave Grohl’s second beat as a pubescent, acne-covered teenager. Paired with sweet guitar riffs, Kurt Cobain’s husky crooning into the mic was your daily anthem, helping you get through the school week because, boy, he understood your inner teenage turmoil.

And if Nirvana wasn’t on heavy rotation on your Walkman playlist, clipped to your hip, maybe Soundgarden or Alice in Chains slid into place, making the world livable again as you struggled to find adolescent peace. Sassy magazine was your holy grail as you spent hours poring over each page, ingraining it into your brain.

Is it possible for grunge to be classy? Yes, yes it definitely is. Adding gold tones and gradients automatically adds a slice of superior into any design, and pairing it with grunge textures? Genius.

What better way to add vibes reminiscent of punk rock album covers from your old CD collection (the ones you stood outside waiting for Tower Records to open) to your visual designs?

Sometimes you need Photoshop brushes. This gorgeous grunge-styled set will maximize the alternative rock visuals you’re going to create. And if you aren’t already, you sure will. So click the link to get started.

Ugly Alligator is a neat typeface that brings hand-drawn grunge to your poster titles, t-shirt designs, dare we say band t-shirt designs 😉 This font makes a statement, and definitely draws attention to any creative visual.

Blending grunge into cursive typefaces are totally a thing, and is absolutely a fun trend train you should jump on. Look no further than this font Carlitos, your $12 ticket to grunge-infused creativity that hints at elegance and femininity.

None of these rocking with the alternative beats in your garage? Hit up TheHungryJPEG and key in ‘grunge’ in the search bar.

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