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Expand Your E-Commerce Reach to Customers Who Have Never Heard of You

Regardless of what you sell online or the services you provide, reaching customers is critical to your survival. We all want to connect with more people and grow our customer base. But how do you reach prospects who don’t even know you exist? With these tips, you will expand your customer base by learning how to connect with previously unreachable demographics.

Do Your Research

Check your current demographics and see if there is an audience you could serve but isn’t reaching you. Analyze your competitors for instance. Have they been able to attract an audience that you haven’t? Try sending out questionnaires and surveys for valuable feedback for example. Your goal should be to determine why a group shows no interest in your products. Also think about your services and whether they need what you are offering. You’ll be able to expand your e-commerce reach in no time.

Learn About Your Customers

Have you been operating for a while now? There’s a whole new generation of consumers with disposable incomes looking for your business. You just need to know how to get in front of them. A message that appealed to a millennial’s parents probably appears stuffy and outdated in their eyes.

Moreover, your landing pages content should appeal to a specific audience. For example, you’ve been selling high-end briefcases to older corporate types but want to branch out into the millennial market.

Your research will probably reveal that the younger generation don’t have much use for a bag without laptop protection or a place to put their extra power packs. You can create a new product range for a more modern audience without abandoning your long-term loyal customer base. In short, you need to tailor your message, products, and services to appeal to the demographic you are trying to connect with. Do all of those and you’ll be able to expand your e-commerce reach. Click here to read how your business can use storytelling to boost sales.

Use Marketing Automation Software to Expand Your Reach

Marketing automation software delivers valuable data you can use to find new audiences who may have bounced off your offering but didn’t connect. Automation software makes split testing straightforward so you can tweak your message until you land on a formula that gets a result. Subsequently, the data you gather will improve each subsequent campaign’s reach, which will provide you even more data to analyze.

Develop an Inbound Marketing Campaign to Expand Your E-commerce Reach

Inbound marketing is a non-interruptive marketing technique that uses content to appeal to the customers you wish to attract to your e-commerce business. Quality material that adds value builds a loyal following of highly qualified leads who will keep coming back for more.

Likewise, good keyword research is the foundation for every successful inbound marketing campaign. Once you know what your target audience is searching for in the search engines, you need to create the content that will provide a solution or solve their problem. A well-rounded inbound marketing campaign includes videos and blog articles and sticks to regular publishing schedules to improve your website’s rank in the search results. Over time, your inbound marketing efforts will mean you won’t have to go out and find your audience because they will find you.

Consequently, reaching an audience that has never heard of you is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Knowing your audience’s pain points and their deepest desires is the key to creating a product, service, or message that appeals to them. This is how to expand your e-commerce reach to an audience.

All images by ammentorp on 123RF.

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