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[Exclusive] Filming “Ella” With A Large Format Camera


We’ve got exclusive behind-the-scenes for ELLA! Click the video above to view.

Curious for more? Check out their Kickstarter page.

Large format is not something new. Filmmakers have been experimenting with shooting in this format since the early days. In fact, feature films like Doctor Strange, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Guardians Of The Galaxy were shot in digital large format.

Ex- president of the Large Format Cinema Association (LFCA) Robert Dennis quips: “The unique nature of LF allows documentary filmmakers to immerse the audience in the world they’re showing,” So if you were wondering if it’s worth watching a hit film in IMAX, you wouldn’t be sorry.

Filming With A Large Format Camera - Behind The Scenes of “Ella” 123rf blog footage

Shooting a movie with large format means recording onto a frame that has six times the surface area that most films shoot on. So how does the camera actually look like?

Vector - An image of a cartoon cameraman standing behind television camera.

You think? Well, think again! Our team were recently introduced to an experimental, one-of-a-kind camera rig that allows for IMAX imagery. The rig, built by cinematographer Philips Shum and Mark from Evidence Camera uses the principle of 35mm lens adapters, while increasing the size to accommodate a 56mm x 56mm frame, thus creating a low budget solution for an IMAX field of view.

Filming With A Large Format Camera - Behind The Scenes of “Ella” 123rf blog footage
Filming With A Large Format Camera - Behind The Scenes of “Ella” 123rf blog footage

Looking at it, you wouldn’t believe this whole piece of technology is hand built but it is, and soon you’ll be able to see the results that are unlike any other filming camera. For the first time, this large format rig will be used to shoot an upcoming short film, Ella. Directed by Dan Chen and starring Nichole Bloom of NBC Superstore, this Asian-American story follows the serendipitous bond between Abe, a high school recluse Abe and Ella, a charismatic college dropout as they find their place among the Midwest community.

It’s truly an eye-opening and inspirational project and proves that cinematography is not about shooting with expensive gears, but putting passion and attention into each aspect of the creation process.

The Ella team is currently running a 30 day Kickstarter campaign till March 31st, 2017 after which production will begin in April. They have now met their financial goals for the film but are looking for a stretch goal that will allow for a better quality product. Every contributor, no matter how small, will own a piece of this film including a digital download, behind the scenes previews, beautiful exclusive photos, even a high quality art book documenting the making of the film. Sounds amazing right?

If you would like to contribute to this exciting project and their stretch goal, click here:

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