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Emmy Awards 2019: The Best Shows With Stock Photo Twists

The 71st Emmy Awards is set to air on September 22, 2019. This year’s nomination brings about several top rated series that are set to battle it out for ultimate supremacy. While the jury may be out on the winners, we’ve got our favorites firmly locked. So check out our top TV shows with stock photo twists! 

Game of Thrones

Remember these iconic stock photo filming locations?

Season 8 was a major letdown. Now that we’ve gotten this out of the way, let’s take a look at why HBO’s epic series still remains one of the most nominated shows for 2019’s Emmy Awards. Despite its lackluster season, Game of Thrones has gone to smash the record books and remains to be the most successful TV show.

Therefore, although several story lines were rushed, GoT did do plenty of amazing work to breathe life to George Martin’s book series. Add to that, the stunning performances of the cast, led by Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington, it would not be a surprise to see this series walk away with the most wins on the night. And what better way to indulge in some GoT fun with a walk down memory lane on the show’s most iconic landmarks! 

Russian Doll 

What’s the story behind the title of this series?

Netflix’s Russian Doll gave us something completely unique, by combining the tragic feeling of death with the urge of living one’s best life. The result? A chaotic, yet addictive series that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Russian Doll’s twisted take on the classic Groundhog Day gives it an appealing dark comedy nature that separates it from the usual sitcom.

Combined with the show’s brilliant writing and Natasha Lyonne’s stellar performances, it’s easy to see why this Netflix Original makes it to the top of our 2019 Emmy Awards list. Finally, the show’s quirky play on its title, pays homage to its theme of finding a story within a story, by breaking open a nesting doll, or in this case, by snapping a neck and embracing death.

When They See Us

Central Park formed the backbone of this horrifying tale.

Inspired by the 1989 rape of a jogger in New York’s Central Park, When They See Us, explores the astonishing retelling of America’s corrupt justice system. The Netflix Original explores the terrifying series of events, beginning from a couple of teenage boys of color joining a crowd of other boys surging to Central Park, to the police framing five teenagers as the prime suspects of the case and finally, the justice received by the group, who became known as the Central Park Five.

Director Ava DuVernay brilliantly captures the brutal framing of these innocent boys to the nightmarish consequences faced by the suspects and their families. The severe injustice faced by Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Korey Wise and Raymond Santana is brilliantly captured by the entire cast who demonstrate the need to have their stories heard. Hence, an Emmy award would go a long way for the world to take note of the injustice faced by the group.


HBO’s series has brought a massive spike in tourism for Chernobyl.

HBO’s stellar direction of this mini-series explores the haunting events of the faulty nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine. This critically-acclaimed Soviet series illustrates the threat to the population when the nuclear leak becomes apparent. Chernobyl’s ability to capture the horror of the situation is exactly what gives the show a strong claim to bagging a couple of Emmy Awards. 

The gripping story line also provides us with a fascinating insight into the utter chaos faced by everyone involved in the entire disaster. Above all, HBO brilliantly captured the sacrifice carried out by several teams to contain one of mankind’s biggest blunders. Hence, it’s no surprise to see IMDB giving top ratings for this epic mini-series. 

We’ve had our pick for the top series for the past year. If you’d like to fuel your marketing campaigns with our images, check out our 71st Emmy Awards stock photo collection here! 

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