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Easter Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Easter can look very different for different people. But children look at Easter celebrations and think of magic eggs and bunnies. These crafts are also great for families who want to stay home to celebrate but still have an eventful and festive time.

Here are a few arts and crafts that your kids can try out during Easter:

Painted eggs

Colourfully hand-painted easter eggs in flowery spring theme

No Easter celebration is complete without getting your hands dirty from some classic painted eggs. The great thing about painted eggs is that the creativity and how the child wants to go about it are limitless – turning them into carrots and ice cream, using sharpies to turn them into emojis, and filling the insides with confetti or covering them in glitter. It’s an excellent way for your child’s imagination to thrive. 

It’s okay to get a little messy because it makes it fun! After the decorating part, display them. Hang them up on a tree like you would with ornaments, or hide them to stage an Easter egg hunt. Pre-boil them before decorating so you and your kids can have some boiled eggs as snacks after searching high and low for the Easter eggs.

Upcycle toilet paper roll bunnies

Cardboard arts and crafts of easter bunny for children

We hope you didn’t throw away your toilet paper rolls because you and your kid will need them to craft your own Easter bunnies. All you’ll need are:

  1. Some old toilet rolls.

  2. Colored paper.

  3. Some googly eyes (or even just paper cutouts).

  4. Paint and markers.

  5. Pipe cleaners.

It’s so easy to make! Wrap the toilet roll with the colored paper of your choice to act as the animal’s body, then attach the rest of its body parts.

They’re also the perfect size to use as an egg holder or stash your hidden Easter eggs.


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Paper plate bunnies

Young girl holding handmade easter bunny face using paper plates

Paper plate bunnies are not as messy as painting eggs but still teach your child how to create something out of nothing.

Gather some paper plates, pom poms for the bunny nose, pipe cleaners for its whiskers, and glue to assemble everything. If you have some sticks lying around, you can stick them at the back of the plate as a handle. After it’s completed, you can hang them up or plop them around your garden as Easter decorations.

Candy carrot cones

Handmade paper carrots and bunny decorations for Easter

Here’s another easy arts and craft idea that your child might love. Have your kids make some adorable candy-stuffed carrot cones to go with all the Easter bunny crafts.

You’ll need some orange-colored tissue paper for the bulk of the carrot and green-colored tissue paper for the stem and leaves. Roll up the orange tissue paper into a cone, fill it with candy of your choice, then tie it up with string or jute and green colored tissue paper. It makes for a great gift pack that your kid can share with other kids.

Bobble bunnies

Purple and orange handmade paper easter bunnies.

Bobble bunnies would be great for the older kids as it has more to do with precision. Grab a piece of coloured paper and cut out these shapes: a long rectangular strip, some bunny ears, their hoppers and a pair of eyes. Roll the longer strip of paper into the body – where the bobbling happens – then attach the arms and legs onto the body. Use double-sided tape to stick the face of the bunny on, then attach the eyes and draw on whiskers. You now have some cute bobblehead bunnies.

Happy Easter!

Try out the arts and crafts with your kids this Easter! We can’t decide which is cuter – upcycled toilet paper bunnies or candy-filled carrots?


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