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DIY Spider-Man Posters with Stock Photos

Have an empty bedroom wall? Well, why not spice up your boring, empty space with a cool artwork or two! With the latest Spider-Man swinging into the cinemas right now, what better time to get your hands on epic Marvel posters, with a stock photo twist! 

We’ve selected a range of iconic Spider-Man locations, throughout the film series’ history. So all you gotta do, is to insert your favorite superhero into these images, and Pixlr X can help you do just that! 

High-rise buildings

High-rise buildings are pretty much a constant feature in every Spider-Man movie. Almost every film features Marvel’s superhero swinging from one building to another, thanks to his trusted web of course! 


These are a must-have for any Spider-Man movie. After all, who can forget that kiss between Peter Parker and MJ, back in 2002. Therefore, the next time you’re walking down a neighborhood alleyway, remember to look up. Mr Right might just swing by for some sugar. 


The subway is a special place for most superhero movies. There’s always some sort of action waiting to happen in this setting. Be it a train slipping off the track and heading for a dreadful crash, or the hero suddenly encountering the villain and embarking on an elaborate fight sequence, the subway is here to stay. 


Bridges are a must have for your favorite superhero to jump off and save the world. Alternatively, bridges are also a great spot for your hero to stare deep into the world and ponder on what might have been if they had done things differently. 

Check out this Spider-Man poster likebox for more movie and stock photo inspiration! Also, if you’re a fan of all things Marvel, read up on our Avengers feature. 

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