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Design Professional Brochures For Your Business

Professional brochures are an affordable and comprehensive way to promote your small business and what you have to offer. We see them everywhere in stores, and even from community bulletin boards and in wellness studios. You even get these brochures in the mail almost every day, so it’s always better to create one that stands out from the crowd!

A professional business brochure will essentially grab your attention and it will have a call to action. It’s a proven marketing tool, so it’s no surprise that small business owners take advantage of distributing brochures regularly. Even though most of us have adapted to living in a digital world, analog marketing methods are still effective. So how do you design a professional business flyer that will grab the attention of your desired target audience? Read on to discover the top five tips to designing professional brochures for your business.

Design Creatively

We’re all very visual creatures, and that’s primarily because a high majority of us retain information with images. That totally ties in with marketing materials, which is why promoting your business is all about finding creative ways to be seen and remembered. So don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with new and interesting ways to market your business.

Photo of Bangkok travel brochures shot by rawpixel, 123RF.

Whether you’re running your own yoga studio, a gym, or a travel guide business paired with your Airbnb, brochure design templates are definitely attention grabbers that can be used to promote a business seasonally and creatively.

Sweet, feminine templates designed by varijanta, 123RF.

Discover a variety of brochure designs, templates, and graphic elements in feminine colors, corporate styles, and sleek, luxurious layouts in our library.

Use Color Effectively

Color plays a big role in communicating marketing messages, especially with great visuals. So when you design your professional brochure, it’s a good idea to make sure that color is used correctly to attract your target audience’s attention. If you look at this tri-fold template, you can see that the contrast of yellow and grey is easily noticeable (but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use any color you want). Switch things up with a completely different color palette for free, right in your web browser.

Square tri-fold brochure design by Wachiraphat Kangkamanee.

Brochures that use color effectively are ideal to place in waiting rooms as you can even spot them from the corner of your eye. If your brand colors are easily recognizable, you can definitely use that as your color scheme. That’s a great way to market your brand and products at the same time.

Go Retro

Versatile retro designs by jack1e.

When in doubt, go for a classic, timeless design that appeals to your business’ needs. Brochures, posters, and even business cards that boast a handcrafted appearance are very popular these days. Think of the possibilities for a small business that would use retro design elements, particularly in their brochures. This vintage illustration highlights a screen-printed effect with typography that looks like calligraphy.

The red and blue colors are used perfectly to make you look and the large headlines can communicate your message quickly.

Take Advantage of Shapes

Shapes can be used in a creative manner to grab the attention of the audience. When paired with bright, attractive colors, you’ll appeal to your audience. The trick is to make your potential customers want to pick up your brochure and read it.

Colorful memphis-style designs by rawpixel, 123RF.

The use of harmonious colors and creatively placed patterns gives the memphis-style design a modern yet professional feel. Perfect as ready-made design elements, all you really need to do is just add some text in. Go from marketing a feminine beauty brand to a handcrafted line of decorative school products.

Less is more!

If you have less information but are using your brochure’s design elements to stand out, play it up with colors and big vector illustrations! Make sure that text is kept to a minimum, but it gets the point across at a glance. And if you’ve got a lot of text you need your audience to take in, you’ll want to remember it’s best to keep your brochure design simple and clean. Too many design elements can crowd your brand’s message and give your audience visual fatigue. Those are the top tips to bear in mind when deciding on the copy placement in your professional brochure designs.

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